Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A toast to early risers...

Are you a "night owl" or an "early riser"?  To a large degree I think it depends on your age and the path you have chosen in life. 
Umm.. Mom it's still time to sleep!

I am an early riser... I know, this might be a bit too early for anyone.  I can remember in my twenties when I got a job as an opening cashier.  I was definitely not an early riser, it killed me to get up each morning. I remember having to set multiple alarms and cursing everyone that did not have to get up when I did.  Yet somehow, between the time the alarm went off and I had managed to drive myself to work, I discovered that I loved seeing sunrises.  Somehow during that time just about 20 years ago, I discovered the beauty of morning.

I can get so much accomplished in the morning.  I am fresh, full of energy, the world is peaceful, the ticking of the clock, purring of the cat, the occasional car passing by, those are the only sounds intruding in my world during the quiet hours.  Every now and again I hear an unusual sound, the engine of a helicopter - probably an emergency one taking someone to St. Louis, to the bigger hospitals, a dog barking, a sound of a big truck going by, the coffee pot brewing.  Other than that its silent. 

I treasure the silence, I didn't used to, now I do.  I was that person that turned on the news or radio as soon as I got up.  I wasn't comfortable in the early morning silence, I wasn't comfortable with me. Now, I reflect, I gather my thoughts, have quiet time to say a prayer or two, I write my blog and just enjoy the peace..

I am looking at the window in the mirror, watching for that slight lightening that will signal the sunrise.  I love a beautiful sunrise, as much as I used to long to see the sunsets.  To me, that sunrise is signaling the start of a wonderful new day, the chance to have great things happen.  The bold colors as it breaks through the dark of night, it's a promise.

I am blessed that hubby is also a morning person.  I played that game of being a morning person in a house full of night owls... it was brutal! I am not always up as early as he is, but I always know where to find him.  He will be down in the man-cave, an air pot full of hot coffee, quietly watching an old movie, sitcom or sometimes just the news.  All the while doing email, checking Facebook, or simply playing spades or bejeweled. 

My guy and his cat
This morning, he is being an angel and doing a bit of early morning shopping for me.  He knows that I loathe Wal-mart, but sadly it seems to be the only store around that carries the food my boys like and need.  So instead of running to Schnucks for the few items on our list, he braved Wally World.  Leaving me to slowly wake up, write and enjoy my coffee.  I pray that he isn't too stressed out when he gets home.  That place is horrid.

I fear today I will be regretting being an early riser, I am sleepy already, I stayed up a bit later than usual to spend quality time on both of my night owls.  My girl on the phone and my boy and I got to sit and chat for a bit, just the two of us, like when he was a little guy.  I will always give up sleep to catch up with those two. 

 This morning's sunrise will bring lots of goodness into my life, quality hubby time, some grand baby time, a chance to celebrate, the start of a new second quilting class (hubby started his new quilt last night, it is... awesome!!  He is going to try to attend a bit today - schedule permitting), hopefully a lunch visit from my girl... yep... good stuff is waiting just on the other side of that beautiful, orange, gold, pink and purple orb that will rise just outside my front door...
The Hubby and his next work of art...

Sunrise or moon rise... which are you?