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I serve a Risen Savior!

And on the third day he rose again, He is Risen!  I have always cherished Easter.  It is always a joyous day, full of hope and promise.  He is Risen!! So that whosoever shall believe in him shall have life everlasting!

I am a Christian, to me that is very important to who I am, to my beliefs.  This year I have been blessed to have watched the entire mini-series "The Bible".  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have retold this story for our time, it is emotional and moving.  Too real for words and hopefully will bring Christians back together.

I always loved Easter when the kids were little.  I still love it, but it's different now.  Now I simply love it for the reason.  It was just a day like most days for hubby and I.  No colored eggs, no baskets brimming with gifts, just us and our boys. 

I was so proud of my daughter today, with the changes in her life, she wasn't with baby girl this morning, but she sprung into action when she got the call that every mother dreads.  H…

Creating, Rebuilding, Repairing...

It is a busy weekend here at our house, maybe it is because it finally feels like spring, or we simply got bit by the bug.  Hubby and I are making a serious dent in our to do list and it feels great!

Hubby is downstairs working on the vanity for Ava's new room.  It is an "us" project, but he is getting started, because I am kind of tied up with my projects and glue and wood putty take a while to cure.  Sure would be nice to have it ready to turn over to Mommy and Ava this weekend.  It's gonna look so awesome!  Has me seriously wanting to start going to  yard sales for old furniture to make new again.

In less than 24 hours so much wonderful creation has taken place at our house.  I am on my third batch of soap.  I have a standard recipe that I completely love, it's rich, creamy, easy to make and simply wonderful!  It is not the one I am working on right now.

This is the second time I have stepped away from that recipe.  The last time ultimately made an amazing ba…

Hijacking my Amygdala

I started to write a post yesterday before I went to work.  It was all sunshine and light, yesterday was my Friday and I was excited to get one more day behind me so that I had time to unwind.  I was just feeling giddy, it'd been a long week, even with the snow day in the middle, and I get really tired by the Wednesday/Thursday of the second week.

I never finished.  It was still sitting on my computer when I got home, too exhausted to finish it and not motivated anyhow.  What stopped me?  The news, they were talking on a national channel about a local columnist, and what they reported about sent me over the top! I try really hard not to be controversial, to always respect that people I love and hold dear or simply others in my sphere of the world hold differing views and ideas that might conflict with mine.  You will find I rarely post things that are polarizing on Facebook or even engaging in debates that draw strong emotions.  That isn't to say that I don't hold strongl…


Today will be a complete mix of all the parts of my life... one would think it would have me stressed  out, surprisingly I am looking forward to it.  I am excited to face this day, not only does it bring me one day closer to a holy three day weekend, it also lets me blend many of the things I love to balance the few that I detest.

I have spent the morning being a domestic goddess, tidying my incredibly neglected house always brings me back to center.  I don't have time to really dig down into any of the projects, but I do have the time to clean the surfaces and make it feel welcoming.  Laundry is almost done, kitchen doesn't look abandoned, and I even vacuumed.  I know that last one is such a shock!  I hate to vacuum, might be why the majority of my house is not carpeted.  I love carpeting, I hate cleaning it! All of Neeko's recycling has been cleaned up, he is not thrilled about it, he will survive, not to mention create more. And I felt the need for a coffee break befor…

The Dash

Tonight I spent my evening standing in a really long line.  Hubby and I went to the wake of a man we never met, we were there to support one of our Y family as she mourns the loss of her 57 year old baby brother.  He died very suddenly Sunday afternoon, shoveling snow.  The picture of health it seemed.

We stood in line for over 90 minutes, as we left the line appeared to have never gotten any shorter, it was still long and calm.  When we arrived the staff of the funeral home asked us which of the deceased we were there for, when we told him he pointed away from the room down the hall to the back of a very, very long line.  Quietly we took our place and proceeded to wait.

Standing there, listening to the people gathered, quietly observing it all.  It occurred to me that this was quite a testimony to a life well lived.  We hadn't even entered the room of the service, we were simply in the hallway at the funeral home.  I was amazed.  Everyone around was sharing stories, in small lit…

A Loooonnnnngggg Day!



Forecasters were pretty ominous yesterday. Huge spring snow storm on the way. Predicting 5 to 7 inches of snow.  Way more than we usually get in these parts. Heavy rain all night, by 6 am the roads were not going to be drivable.

When I woke up this morning around 7:30 am, it was semi dry and still brown outside. I was pretty furious with those darn newscasters!  I rushed to get my son home last night missing out on a full day I could have spent with him today and driving until past midnight when my bedtime is 9:00 pm.

Over the past hour and a half, I have decided I am so glad we made the decision that we did.  I hate losing a day, but I am comfortable knowing that none of us were in danger getting him back home. Over the past thirty minutes alone, we've gone from light sprinkles to seriously huge snowflakes flying around wrapped up in the icy pellets that are coming down.  Not my favorite combination, and I am starting to wonder if maybe they were right about this being a major s…

I want to play!

Woke up with this morning with what feels like the start of a head cold. Didn't sleep well at all last night, and I had so much planned for this morning.  It's cold and dreary, Spring completely lied about it's arrival, they are even predicting snow.

I feel like a three year old being told she has to leave her playroom for dinner when she is not hungry.  I just wanna play! Today I want to check out of the grown up world and play with my toys.  I have so many projects that are going on and I simply do not have time or energy to even start playing with them.  This is making me incredibly sad.

I have to go to work later today and normally I would start playing with this many "toys" scattered about waiting for my attention.  Sadly my energy level is a bit low and I might just sleep instead.

After waiting almost 3 weeks, my quilt frame boxes have all arrived, I thought about putting it together last night... decided to make Mom's Burritos and Strawberry Daiquiris …

It was one of "those" dAyS..

Yesterday sure dawned beautiful and bright.  It held so much promise. I guess I should have checked my horoscope, I might have been prepared for the day. Sadly I didn't and the day almost got the better of me. It was rescued by my own knight in shining armor.

I have a challenge with noise and chaos, I cannot function well when there is a lot of it.  I also don't do well when schedules and plans change.  As I've said before my son might take after me a bit with that change stuff. As a result my beautiful, cold spring day changed almost as soon as I walked in the door at work and started on the fast track downhill.

Yesterday was one of those days where everyone needed my time. My phone rang off the hook, I had several projects that were short notice deadlines, one long meeting already scheduled and one surprise meeting planned, members in the lobby were insisting on holding conversations so loud they might have been heard on the fourth floor, emails kept popping up that ne…

Hello Spring!

Brrr.... Spring is being a bit shy this year, the warm spring breezes and the budding flowers and bushes are hardly noticeable. In fact as I let the boys out this morning there is a distinct Fall nip to the air. 

Spring, the season of beginnings, the start.  In Greek mythology Persephone returns from her six months in Hades, and her mother decorates the world to celebrate her return. Throughout the world, in most cultures Spring is a time for celebration and rebirth.  When the warmth awakens the sleeping beauty that surrounds us. 

If you are a gardener, you know that soon all will be right with your world.  An outside enthusiast will be bursting at the seams knowing that with the coming warmth new opportunities are waiting.  If you are a school child your concentration slowly drifts away from school and closer to the fun things waiting for you just around the corner at schools end. If you are me, Spring Fever is a very real illness that you will fight for several months - longing to …


Brrrrrr... It's so hard to believe that just Friday it was in the high 60's, low 70's. Seems as quickly as spring poked it's head around the corner, it dashed off back to winter. All the rain, sleet and tiny ice balls that pelted us yesterday seem to be trying to stick around again.

Kind a dreary way to start a long work week.  Or maybe it is the perfect way, I won't be daydreaming of being out walking in the sunshine!

This morning is starting to look like it will end up being a morning of shoulda's... I shoulda done this and I shoulda done that, but in reality I am getting very little of it done.  I don't seem to have the motivation.  I know that going into one of the long work weeks I need to plan ahead or I will be so behind when it is over, but I just don't feel it.

I managed to get the laundry all done yesterday, with the exception of my son's, and it is in the dryer right now.  I should go strip the bed and do the bed sheets, but I hate to di…

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Disclaimer alert...I am not Irish, and I am fairly certain there isn't any Irish in my family tree, but today... I think the world is Irish!  The other dilemma that often arises, is that I am not Catholic, as my Dad often pointed out when we were younger and told us we should not wear green today.  I shall have to check my closet to see if I even have anything green to wear today, it is not a good color for me, so needless to say my clothing selections are quite void of it.

My hubby is a nice healthy mix of Irish and German, if that mix can be healthy.  I am mostly German, English, with a bit of French and Eastern European thrown in for good measure.  Hubby was raised Catholic, and our twins are Catholic, so I feel quite safe in celebrating the good Saint Patrick today.

All that being said, our celebration will be a bit tame, if it exists at all. I don't like crowds, hate them in fact, so we won't be going down the street to the local Irish hot spot, mostly because the m…

Pampering Pups...

My boys make me laugh.  They are so funny, and with such strong personalities.  The big guy Neeko has developed a rather nasty habit of "marking" his brother.  Every time they go outside poor Gator comes in to a sponge bath, because Neeko has decided to "claim" him as his own. 

I keep telling Gator that it isn't raining on him, but he doesn't seem to notice.  Rather odd, as this old guy won't even go out in the rain. In fact any kind of water is his enemy. Every day Gator gets a sponge bath with a variety of soaps to keep him smelling fresh, not like a toilet, and it irritates him to no end.

Today was simply too much, Neeko decided to completely drench him. I tried to take care of it with a sponge bath but it simply was not to be.  So bath time it was...

He doesn't fight me, but he doesn't like it.  He won't volunteer for a bath, but he won't fight me on it, once I get him in there.  After picking him up and carrying all 65 pounds of him…

Hang up and enjoy your family!

This is going to sound like a rant... sorry folks. Hubby and I wanted fish for dinner and the best place in town is also Irish, this is not the weekend to try to have fish there.  We thought we'd go to Chick Fil A... I know, not a fish place, but it was remarkably good.

Hubby and I were sitting there, enjoying our meal and also enjoying one of our favorite pastimes, people watching.  Mostly kid watching if the truth be told.  We both love to watch the little ones, they are so entertaining.  But tonight while observing the room full of kids, my heart broke.  Right across from us was a little one, less than six months to be sure, with her little eye brows all skewed up trying desperately to get her momma's attention, kicking her feet waving her little arms, smiling and frowning, but not able to get her attention.  Mom was busy surfing on her phone.  Her siblings were all playing in the toy room.

At first I was mildly annoyed, I wanted to tell her that precious baby would not be…

A time for slowing..

This week has absolutely flown by, I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday.  I am sure that some of it has to do with the break neck speed at work.  I hardly feel like I have been home and I am so excited for some non-work time this weekend.  One more long day to get through, then... time to recenter my life.

I have been really been wondering a lot this week if I am working to live or living to work.  It's been one of those all consuming weeks.  So much seems to happen and it all seems to happen at the same exact same time, all of it has to be finished yesterday.  I know I am not the only person that has these time conflicts.  I can't be the only one that wonders about this path we are on.

With everything so fast and crazy, I wonder about this path we seem to be on, not just me, but everyone.  My sister shared a post on Facebook today that seriously made me go hmmmmm... I don't care who said it, frankly it's been credited to several folks, and in typical internet …

I am Belynda and I am Selfish!

I think I might be a selfish person, I hate to admit it, but I think it might be true.  I love the time I get to spend with my family.  And I really enjoy that I don't really have to share it, with anyone but Hubby. And when we get quality time with the kids and grand baby... watch out!

Hubby and I will drop everything for them.  We are both the same, our family is our core.  We spend a great deal of our time together, and honestly I couldn't imagine anything else.  We carpool to work, our offices are down the hall from each other, we have lunch together almost daily, and we spend most of our spare time less than 10 feet from each other.  We have a comfortable relationship, and we truly enjoy each other.  Maybe that is what makes it so easy for us to drop it all.

In the past couple of weeks the stars have aligned for us to have a lot of quality Ava time.  We love Ava time.  She is so different when she is with us, I think it's the magic of being Grandparents. Grandparents…