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It's been a series of foggy mornings.  It eventually burns off, eventually the sun breaks through and it's been crisp and clear.  At least until the sun sets way too early.  I absolutely hate time changes.  I do not like to spring forward, and I hate falling back.  You just get used to one or the other and boom... it's too dark in the morning and even darker at night.

It simply isn't natural!

And I honestly thought last night was going to send me off the deep end.  My body does not accept changes in routine too readily and I worked until 9, on top of a time change.  Whew that drive home was brutal, living 35 minutes from work makes for quite a drive. It normally wouldn't have affected me so much, but that darn time switch.

This morning started fresh and new.  I felt so much better after a nice long nights sleep.  I had a great time working last night, I met so many great folks and had some incredible conversations.  I am looking forward to tonight, who know's…