It's been a series of foggy mornings.  It eventually burns off, eventually the sun breaks through and it's been crisp and clear.  At least until the sun sets way too early.  I absolutely hate time changes.  I do not like to spring forward, and I hate falling back.  You just get used to one or the other and boom... it's too dark in the morning and even darker at night.

It simply isn't natural!

And I honestly thought last night was going to send me off the deep end.  My body does not accept changes in routine too readily and I worked until 9, on top of a time change.  Whew that drive home was brutal, living 35 minutes from work makes for quite a drive. It normally wouldn't have affected me so much, but that darn time switch.

This morning started fresh and new.  I felt so much better after a nice long nights sleep.  I had a great time working last night, I met so many great folks and had some incredible conversations.  I am looking forward to tonight, who know's who I will meet or what I will learn.

I started today with a foggy walk with my boys, then some serious loving time with my grand dog - I am dog and kitty sitting while my girl is celebrating the KC Royals... I won't consider her a traitor, because it's not really her thing, it's more for her honey.

Then one of my favorite stores opened in town.  Fresh Thyme is new in town.  It's a nice mix of Whole Foods quality with Trader Joe prices.  I am struggling with all the chemicals being added to so much of the food we buy.  I am a bit freaked out by the fact that when I went to buy milk the other day the expiration date was January 5, 2016.  I doubt it was a typo, as all of the bottles were marked that way.

I was listening to a radio program the other day, I only heard a bit of it.  It was what I heard that keeps sticking in my brain.  It was asking why American's as a whole are heavier today than 30 years ago, when they are eating "healthier" and working out more.  It was the healthier that concerned me.  I keep seeing flashes in my mind of a meme that I saw not too long ago, "the problem with the American diet is that we are eating too many food like products".

maybe I need to be more like him
I am trying really hard to remove the chemicals from our diets and our lives.  I am looking for places to get farm raised eggs and fresh milk.  I have already found that I do best when I only eat breads that I have baked or that have been baked at a local bakery.

Maybe small changes will equal big differences in the future.  I am afraid of how many chemicals we mindlessly consume.  I wonder about so many things anymore.  And I often wonder how much of it is really good for us.

I guess I am evolving.  I hope I am.

Maybe it's all the walks in the fog that are changing my perspective on many things. Or maybe it's just growing up...

We missed the northern lights, it was too foggy.

But a bit of fog might clear the mind.

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