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It's been a minute.... a LONG minute.  Life has been on fire for me for months now.  In fact sitting out here on the deck listening to the random bird chirps, the buzz of who knows what bugs as the sun makes an incredibly slow ascent, is a rarity anymore.  But this is twice this week that I have stolen time out here in the mornings.

The leaves are starting to fall, the unsuccessful "garden" I planted is withering and just about to be ready to put away for the year.  I have a whopping single cherry tomato, that will be ripe in the next day or so.  The rest, well... I've been an amazing steward of the animal population out here in the county.

So much has been happening, so much has been going on.  And I am struggling to put those bits all together to form a life.

The hubs is finally on the mend, I am sure that he would love to be further down the path to recovery.  But when we remember it's not even been a year since the first attempt to "heal" him (or …