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Skip one, Knit two

Skip, knit, skip, knit... that is how my week is feeling.  Monday was my late night at work and then Tuesday started early and was high stress, needless to say all the ups and downs have me feeling like I am developing a nice little cold and making me want to hide. 

So while I was skipping my blog yesterday I was busy knitting in the car around all the rushing around that we were doing.  So many things were stealing snippets of time here and there.  Here it is Thursday and I feel like I have missed an entire day... blurred right past it.

Heck if my sweater was coming together this quickly I would be finished.

I don't like chaotic days like that, I feel like so much gets left undone, that I can't refocus on what I missed in the process. 

I did start investigating long arm quilting machines yesterday, I am torn. I want one, I feel it would help me get more of my own quilts, and the ones I make for others, finished more quickly.  I also think it would help me get another step…

Rain drops...

Sitting here listening to the icy rain two things pop into my mind, one I am so thankful it isn't snow and two the ground is getting a wonderful soaking that my garden will love!

The mid-west sure took a beating with the drought last year, and I know I have never seen the Mississippi that low.  I also have never seen my yard actually cracked before, it was an odd thing to observe and as a gardener it sure played havoc.  It was so dry that the garden required watering twice a day just to guarantee anything survived.

I am so thankful for the rain.  Hearing it fall is really making me daydream about my garden this summer.  I want to expand it.  I have been looking through the seed catalog and there are a few varieties that I really feel it is time to try.

I already have the strawberry popcorn seeds and I feel they will definitely need a bigger space than I allotted the popcorn last year.  Ava agreed with me, she thought it was pretty cool that Gramma grew her own popcorn.  And she pi…


I am in that kind of mood today... this is not a good thing...

It was a great weekend and I had so much fun with my hubby, family and just in my quiet time it all balanced out.  I had the opportunity to enjoy my parents, love on my grand daughter and daughter and veg out with my hubby.  I would say it was a seriously well balanced, re-energizing weekend.

This morning started out wonderful too... I woke up way to early, considering I have to work until nine tonight, but decided to make the most of it.  Hubby had the news on, and I was just surfing through a few of my favorite blogs.  Hot cup of coffee, a bit of quiet in the dark before dawn, it should have been relaxing.

I found some wonderful ideas that I want to try, even looked into ordering a nice pressure cooker and a better quality dehydrator.  Hubby and I have really been putting some thought into these things and feel they will help us get the most out of our garden.  I already can, but I have never ventured into using a press…

The Gift of Love...

Yesterday ended up a great day!  Mom and Dad visited all day, my girls came over, spent time with my sister and her family, and celebrated 10 years here in Illinois.

All of those things are special to me for different reasons.  It is always great when I get to spend time with Ashley and Ava, and having Ava stay the night is so much fun!  I don't see my youngest sister that often, so any chance to visit with her is full of laughter.  Mom and Dad coming to visit was just plain wonderful!  Worried me a bit, at 70 the two of them deciding to cruise around the mid-west in the snow is a bit unsettling.  Yet, I am so glad they decided to come visit!  I enjoyed getting to watch mom try on her sweater and the smile on her face when she opened it.

Yet, reflecting on the importance of yesterday in my life at the quiet end of the day was probably the best part.

Ten years ago, on what started a beautiful sunny day and ended up with snow ball sized snow flakes falling from the sky, I arrived i…

The Unexpected!

At 1:26 pm yesterday I got a text, a simple text, that read "just passed Corning"... huh?  To say I was surprised to see it would be an understatement.  That text was from my mom and it was letting me know she was just over 3 hours away.

My parents have become a bit unpredictable in the past year, and it isn't a bad thing, it's actually rather funny!  On Monday one of my sisters had started to organize a meet half way birthday lunch for Mom, she will be 70 on Monday.  By Wednesday Mom and Dad had decided to come to Illinois instead, mind you initially Sikeston was too far of a drive, so the decision to come all the way here... "well surprise, surprise" (I can actually hear Gomer Pyle saying that in my head). By Thursday with the storm rolling in the decision was made to wait until maybe next weekend. And evidently by Friday morning with the sun shining bright in Arkansas, they decided to head out. 

My folks have traveled an interesting road to where they a…

It's FRIDAY!!!

Woo Hoo!!  What could possibly make a Friday better?  A delayed start to work, that is what! It was heavenly sleeping in that extra hour, I am fairly certain that I completely needed it, as I didn't even wake up at my normal time.  And having the chance to ease into the day is so perfect... gave me time to day dream and plan the weekend!

And boy do I have plans for the weekend.  The plan to see Mom before her birthday, but sadly, Mother Nature decided that was not going to happen.  Our little winter storm has made it an unsafe drive for her and Dad, so maybe we can spend next weekend together.  I will admit I am bumming a bit as I cannot wait to see her face when she opens her gift.

But... that isn't going to slow me down!  My weekend will be filled with activities, I have the normal weekend chores of laundry and ironing. I want to make a batch of bread to pop in the fridge to see us through the week. I am considering making a batch of wine jelly (I have a couple of random bo…


I am sitting here wondering if we aren't creating entire generations of kids that have no idea how to handle life, real life...

 Here in the Mid-West it's been a few years since we've really had a big winter storm, you know the kind that knock out the power and you can hear the echo of generators and groups of folks all gathering to help shovel out or warm up those that can't do it for themselves. This past winter we've had the promise of "snowmeggedan" - please, i don't think that one managed to have 2 inches of accumulation! Yesterday they started talking about the huge storm that was barreling down on us here in the St. Louis area.

Now mind you while the entire area was rushing to the store for milk, eggs and bread, I am really bumming, because long before the snow talk I had planned to do my shopping for groceries last night.  It's insane the way folks behave when the mere mention of snow is brought up. Maybe because I have lived in places whe…

The jukebox in my mind...

I cannot be the only person that hears it.  I often find I have a soundtrack running through my brain.  I love music, not like my hubby loves music, I prefer mine to be soft and internal. Although, sometimes I need it external, loud and soul shaking! It seems to reflect how things are going in my life or day.

And usually it is old music, nothing current ever seems to run through my head.  There are always the old country songs or the oldies, every now and again a snippet of something fairly current sneaks in, but that is very rare.  In fact "in the corner of my mind there's a jukebox, playing all my favorite memories..." has been running through my head since the middle of the night.  Every time I drifted awake there it was. Yesterday didn't end so well and that song tends to always be there when I need comfort.

Luckily hubby is a huge fan of jazz, it is easy to listen to so it doesn't grate on my nerves or make me jumpy.  Sometimes it clashes with what is playi…

The Birth of a Sweater!


Digging through my thoughts...

There is a lot on my mind lately, in case you haven't noticed... and all of it is random and unformed.  I feel very drawn inward to my family and that is clashing with the need to be very dedicated at work.  I have some serious issues with things going on in our world/country and they are tugging at me to find a way to not let them impact my family. And then I have things that are all about me that are demanding my attention, I strongly feel the need to make personal changes yet feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.  I guess when you look at  it that way, all of it links back to my family and home.  The key parts of my life always circle back to home.

Yesterday was another bittersweet day, I love going to spend the day with my son it is worth every minute of the drive for the few hours of time I get with him.  We got his haircut done, groceries bought, spent some time talking about the future and cooked his schnitzel.  Hugs later the drive home was hard.  I am now down to …

What bounces around in your head?

I am up pretty late tonight, for a variety of reasons.  The first reason is the jerky that I am trying to get made, it is my "reason", but it isn't what is keeping me awake.  Hubby is curled up with my Gator boy snoozing, this is a good thing as he will drive tomorrow so I can knit, but I am awake.  My mind is bouncing, a million things are running around up there and I can't seem to get them into any sort of order so they will lay down and let me relax.

I am a wife, mom and Gramma, those are the roles that most define me.  This means my family and my home are of utmost importance to me. And I am very sensitive to things that effect those I love, and lately there is a lot effecting those I love.  It kills me that I don't have a magic wand to wave, that I can't issue hugs, kisses and maybe a cookie and all the problems of the world wash away.

My son is wrapping up one stage in his life and getting ready to tackle an even bigger one.  I am so proud of him, he…


It's so wonderful when Friday arrives after a brutally long five days!  Even though I am exhausted, I am seriously looking forward to my busy weekend.  I have jerky drying for my boys both the two and four legged kind.  I have knitting to do, a weekend visit with my son, and I hope to steal my sweet grand baby for a few hours. There is laundry to wash, ironing to do,  I need to make some soaps and the turtle would love his aquarium cleaned.I will spend some time planning my garden and find a few minutes to regroup. It is going to be a beautiful weekend, oh I am not sure what the weather will be, it might be cold or rainy. But in my life, it's going to be warm and sunny.

As soon as I was able to leave work today, as stressful as it was I could feel the clouds of the day lift and disappear.  We stopped by the grocery on our way home and hubby and I found some yummy treats for dinner.  I will start to cook here in a few minutes, for now I am sitting here with my legs stretched o…