Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Normally I love Mondays... it's the day of the week I get so much done in the morning before I go to work.  Today... I am not about Monday.  I am feeling a tad under the weather and I simply do not want to do anything but go back to bed. 

I should be doing laundry, finishing up the sweater, making that black hat that was ordered, getting a batch of tea tree soap made... but... I have a feeling that absolutely none of that is going to happen today.  I have to work until nine tonight, normally this doesn't bother me. Particularly since I have quite a bit of work that I need to complete and on Monday nights my office is finally quiet.  Today I am feeling like it is about as much fun as having wisdom teeth extracted. 

I am hoping that all of the folks in my circle didn't decide to share their viruses.  I hate when people are ill and feel they need to be around others simply because they are bored or feel they are that important.  If you are sick stay in bed... I can never tell until too late if I am getting sick or I am simply allowing myself to get run down.  I have a nasty habit of doing that to myself. 

The reality is that I have probably worn myself down, the last two weeks were crazy busy and I worked a lot of long hours over that 13 day stretch.  I am pretty sure that is why I am feeling drained and not excited to face today.  I always push myself hard to catch up over the weekend after that kind of stretch, so much gets left undone when I have those weeks and then I feel guilty and rush to catch up.

I need to shake off these Monday glums today... the sun is shining, after a weekend of replenishing rain. I got to spend quality time with my grand daughter and all of my daughters this weekend, hubby and I had downtime last night and I made huge progress on my Mom's present.  Maybe it is all a matter of perspective?

I think I will simply focus on the fact that it is a beautiful day, I get to have lunch with my wonderful hubby, I had a nice long phone conversation with my daughter and push that gloomy feeling away!

I am going to go make a batch of cornbread to go with the ham and beans that I have cooking.  And I think I will take the next hour to knit... nothing like a little fiber therapy to move the mood needle out of the glums...

How do you battle the Monday glums? I am looking for suggestions....