Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Garden Dreaming...

Today is a lethal combination for me, it's Wednesday, my new Baker Creek catalog came in, the drearies are starting to make me dream of spring and did I mention that it is already Wednesday?

I am a hump day dreamer... by the time it arrives I am already planning ahead to the weekend.  I think we have already established that I am a homebody, someone that loves all things domestic. By the time the halfway point sun rises I usually have my weekend planned out, full of projects and activities to fortify me for the long week at work.  And finding my beautiful catalog in my mailbox late last night is making it even harder to focus.

Mid-February is making it worse... every morning I am finding myself scouring my yard, looking for any sign of those first bright green leaves of my crocus's that I scattered through out the yard a few years ago.  Oh, I know I live in the mid-west and I know that there is probably a good snow fall or two left, not to mention a freeze or two, but I am still starting to crave the sunshine and digging my fingers into the soil.

I am adament that the seeds I grow are heirlooms.  I don't like to plant anything that has been tampered with, I am a huge anti-GMO person.  And don't even get me started on Monsanto... and what they are doing to our food sources. I try very hard to insure that my garden only produces the best foods for our family.  I don't want tasteless tomatoes, it simply doesn't matter if I have more than I can begin to use or can if they don't taste good.  I want crisp, vibrant lettuces and beans.  And melons that might be misshapen but taste like heaven.  Nothing beats a radish that is fresh from the ground with that crunch and zip with a touch of sweetness. 

See there I go... I am already picturing my garden, what will go into each of those raised beds, how much compost and soil refill they might each need.  It's already time to plan the spinach that will be sown in the strawberry beds... how many new trellis's will hubby and I need to build? Do I have room to build that amazing potato planter I found the pattern for last year?  Will the city mind if I tear up the front yard and plant some veggies?  These are the kind of thoughts that start to overwhelm me at this time of year.  Try focusing on numbers and staff when you can already smell the garden dirt!

I am blessed to have a hubby that instinctively knew how important my gardening was to me.  When he created my first garden, he provided me with something so essential to my total being, it helped me heal mentally and physically.  Then I went back to work and that garden was simply too much for me to keep up with and it broke my heart.  Next thing I knew he started building my raised beds, one led to 5 large and 5 small raised beds, and trust me I use every inch of those beds.  Often thinking I need more space, but hesitant to take even more of the yard.

Hopefully this year will start the green house.  We've had most of the supplies for several years now, and each time something slows us down, the weather, the design plan, our future plans and dreams.

We have several plans now that we can agree on, and he is probably right in that I will end up wanting it as big as he wanted to create it, but I still feel the need to start smaller.  I always have trouble dreaming bigger than I feel confident enough to make happen.  The weather is looking to be mild this year if it holds to the last couple of years.  So the only stumbling block now is, what does the future hold?  We keep toying with putting the house up for sale, so I guess we will need to really sit down and decide what we are planning for the future...

For now... I think break will involve a cup of hot tea, a tablet of paper and that beautiful catalog!!  It's time to dream!