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Roller Coaster rides... not for wimps!

What a roller coaster ride today has been... I am exhausted just looking back on it...

This morning I was sure feeling like I was the queen of the world and organization was my middle name.  I managed to get my Dad's birthday presents ordered, was ready for tonight's class and heading to work.

Work,... well that did not start off so great, both the pool and whirlpool were having some serious issues... YIKES!

Banking took what seemed like forever and then a few phone calls later I was fairly sure I was an emotionally drained dishcloth that was left on the side of the sink.

So many things going in the wrong direction, trying to be my usual positive self was not helping matters at all.

Read my horoscope... wow, maybe we should say HORRORSCOPE... it was spot on!  Looked like someone was looking at my day while they were writing it... I was so afraid for for the next half of the day... I was fairly certain it was time to dig a hole and hide in it.

A few photo's of my little …

Looking for calm....

Today I am a mix of emotions... frustration, anger, disgust, and just plain exhaustion.  And all of this is directed at the same group of people.  I am a true momma bear and when you mess with my kids, I get riled. 

The reality is that it isn't the same group of people, at least not ones with faces and names.  It is a group of people.  It's the group that have abdicated their personal responsibilities. Yes the original group got me going and the more they show their ignorance and loathsomeness today they only make me angrier. 

They are not alone that small group of four people that are in it for what's in for them.  In today's society that seems to be the rampant thought process.  It is starting to be all about what are you giving me.  It isn't what do I have to do to move forward in life.  What am I not doing that I could be.  What is the cost I must spend to have what I want.  And that isn't about just material things either.  It's about life.  It isn…

A long 36 hours...

What an exhausting 36 hours!  So rewarding though... I have spent the evening sipping wine and playing mindless games on my computer.  Not my usual evening. Hubby and I had an 18 hour work day yesterday which not even 10 hours later started over again.  So whew... exhaustion and satisfaction all in one.
We lead a team that put together a great trivia night meeting our goal to support our sister Y's internationally.  That feels good.  Its great to know that an evening of work & fun will contribute to the Y mission growing.  To know we are helping provide meals, day care, reading, and swimming lessons to prevent drownings.  It was so great.  I loved that my daughter came, she was so funny.  Her team proudly claimed last place in the first round and never gave up that honor! Team Sad Sak  proudly carryed home their black balloons and dum dums. 

I had some of my favorite volunteers to work with, they were amazing!  Hubby is a fantastic mc and his sense of humor really makes it s…

Trivia or Trivial... It's gonna be a wild ride!

Day three of unbelievable pain... I am not understanding why this dentist can't make it at least tolerable without knocking me into goofy land.  Ya know that drug induced state where it still hurts like sin, but you simply don't care?  Because I can't function in that world, this pain is crazy!

Today, I simply don't have time for either current state! It's Trivia night, one of the biggest events that I am personally responsible for. It's the time of year that I help guide our team to raise enough money to pay for our contribution to World Service.  Hubby is my strongest supporter, and we work really hard to make it a great event and a lot of fun!

Hubby dedicates so many hours he really rocks! His power point is amazing and he is a great MC.  He keeps it moving and fun all at the same time.  Pretty darn awesome if you ask me!!

This year I really need to be able to focus, we have moved to a new venue so everything isn't able to happen with no thought on my pa…

love, trust, loyalty and heart

Ugghhh, yesterday was tough.  Today is not off to a promising start... but last night I just felt so loved.  I don't know why everyone does not have at least a few fur babies.

Last night, after a couple of pain pills, I simply was not doing great, me + pain pills = pathetic!  So I simply gave up and went to bed.  My old guy crawled in with me right away - he always does.  He is my baby!  The big guy is not usually one to push his way in.  He had a rough start to life, and is often a bit skittish about being confined or closed in, he needs his escape routes. 

I was incredibly surprised when all the sudden he jumps up and slides himself, made as small as can be into the space between hubby and I.  He must have known somehow that mommy was not feeling great, because he was so gentle, and our big boy is not graceful.  Gentle as a little bitty kitty, he slid in and put his big , sweet head under my pillow.  The slightest motions in the world and he softly licked the side of my face th…

Another great class!!

What a great class!!  It really gives me so much energy to facilitate the quilting class.  To watch each of their quilts coming together.  The power of various friendships being displayed. 

Class number two is over and tonight was so amazing!  The energy and emerging skills are so rewarding to be part of.  It's absolutely amazing to see how quickly another class flew by.  We were all so engrossed in the projects it was shocking to realize there were only fifteen minutes left in the class.

Each quilt is coming along.  One is a memory quilt from shirts left behind to comfort a wife, it is so lovely!  The colors and flow make my heart warm, I can only imagine the feeling for her.  Another is a memory quilt times two.  They are being made to remind another widow that she is blessed with memories and for the maker to have a matching one to help her heart too.

There is the college years made by one of our younger members, a school years quilt by the youngest in the group and her mom.  …

Earth Day 2013!!

So... how did  you spend Earth Day? Me? Sadly, I spent it inside looking outside at the beautiful sunshine.  Tonight I am hoping to see the meteor shower though, if the predicted storms don't move into the area.

I knew I had to work today, and that it would be a long day... So I celebrated yesterday! I got two sets of my raised beds planted.  Soon hubby and I will be able to dine on fresh, crisp white and red radishes, make salads with with lettuce that will soon be sprouting, nibble on the fingerling carrots and crunch away on fresh beets. All the spring veggies that I planned for this year have the first planting in the ground.  In two weeks I will sow the next batch and every two weeks after that until it gets too warm. Then I will shift into summer mode.  Although I am considering getting some spinach in, I will decide by next weekend.  I really do love fresh baby spinach salads.

Next weekend I will clean out the other beds, and get them ready.  Two of them need some fresh soi…

Life Lessons from Hersonisos.. .

Sometimes when I am sitting doing needlework of any type, my mind wanders.  Okay, anytime I am sitting doing needlework, my mind wanders non-stop.  Today after cleaning the house, spending some time with my girl and hubby, I sat down to do some serious needlework.

While the needle was gliding gently under and over threads and I was carefully counting the threads in the beautiful soft linen, my mind was doing some serious wandering! I haven't done any true needlework in a long time, probably before my hand surgeries, but I found a project that really called out to me.  I had to make it.

I was thinking back to the first time I was passionate about needlework, the first project I ever tackled. My interest was peaked in upstate New York.  We were stationed up there, and Dad took us to Fort Stanwick quite often.  I was excited to live there and go as often as possible.  I was fascinated with the period clothing, the wonderful crafts and life as portrayed.  It was 1975, and I was waiti…


I was so proud of the people of Watertown and the surrounding areas last night.  After a horrid 5 days, after almost 24 hours of terror. Being asked to stay in their homes, to not open their doors, to not open their businesses.  Being asked to simply trust the police, the FBI, and host of others to simply put their trust and faith in strangers.

Those people listened, even though one of their own was killed at MIT, during the mad dash of the young men throwing explosives as they went through Harvard, MIT and surrounding communities.  The fear factor was most likely very high.  I remember after 9/11, living on a military base right outside of a huge international airport, I remember threat con Delta.  It was scary, the feeling of no control, of having to trust the unknown to keep you safe.

And yet they honored the request.

I am thankful the young man is in custody, sad that he made the choices he's made.  I am so happy for the people of Massachusetts.  The horror visited on them wa…

It's a Matter of Perspective!

It's been a soggy day in the Midwest.  It was raining when I got up 14 hours ago, it hasn't stopped yet. In fact at times today the rain was so heavy and hard that there were massive mini-rivers rushing through the streets.  I kept hearing the newscasts breaking in constantly about the flooding.  Heard my phone message from red alert, telling me my home was in a flash flood area.  I wasn't paying much attention.

I was focused on fixing the last bits of yesterday.  Moving forward from the challenges that still lingered. 

We got home a bit earlier than normal, which is probably a good thing. I was exhausted!

My sewing room is in the basement, so his hubby's man-cave.  My sewing room is where the sump pump is.  It's new, it's fast and efficient. 

I went down to the sewing room to throw in a load of laundry in my bare feet. 

A few feet into the room, my feet were cold and WET!  Uh Oh!  Our new pump had not been able to keep up with the down pours at some point in …

Toasting the dawning of a better day!

I think I was afraid to open my eyes this morning!  I am truly facing this day with much apprehension! Yesterday was a nightmare.  It was on a fast slide south almost from the moment I got up, and I hate it when that happens.

I am basically a very optimistic, upbeat, looking for sunshine kind of girl.  I try so hard to always look for the best in people, because I firmly believe that people are inherently good and will choose to do the right thing and behave as adults when the need arises. Man do I hate it when they prove me wrong!

Do you ever have those days that seem like a dark cloud has descended?  When nothing is in sync?  For me that was yesterday.  From the minute I walked in the door until my sweet hubby managed to pull me out the door, work was not a pleasure.  I know there are days like that, I know that every day cannot be sunshine and flowers.  But manure and thorns?

Today is a new day, the sunshine of yesterday is promising to release itself into torrents of rain and thu…

What an incredible feeling!!

I made a resolution on New Years to start living some of my dreams. To stop pushing things aside, to just DO IT (thank you Nike for the tag line!)! This year has been crazy, busy and very fulfilling.  I started this blog, bought a mid-arm quilting machine and last night started my first quilting class, to name a few...

 And I must say it was incredible! I was a tinge nervous, I am not an award winning quilter, I have never even taken a class.  I am just someone that loves the sheer action of creating and sharing that with others.  Quilting is just one of my many creative outlets.

I am a firm believer that humans need art in their lives.  Not just for the creation aspect, but for the expression aspect and the sense of pride in what they have done.  In my world that old adage of "idle hands are the devil's playground" rings loud and true.  Anyone who has spent much time with me knows that I struggle to keep my hands still.  I listen and learn much better when my hands are …

Prayers for Boston!

My heart is hurting.  When does the senselessness stop?  What does injuring innocent people have to do with solving anything?  As the days ahead unfold more will be known, eventually someone will step up to take credit for the carnage.  Their ego's will demand it.  Bombs are a cowards way of making a statement after all.

I will continue to pray for these innocent people, runners that just finished a marathon and are now victims of amputations.  A little 8 year old child, dead.  A two year old in the hospital with a head injury.  It's all so sad and senseless.  What could the still nameless and faceless murder/s have been trying to prove?

The insanity of it, is without a doubt true.  What kind of a sane person does something like this?  When I was a teenager, we had a terrorist attack on the base I lived on.  I will never forget it.  I will never forget the classes we were all subjected to.  And what we were taught.  I know it was to protect us, to keep us safe.  I also know …

Monday, I want to break up!

Monday... ugghhh... today it equals exhaustion.  I am trying to trick myself into having some energy.  So far I managed to clean the turtle aquarium, get the last batch of deer jerky I am making for a friend going and a bit of ironing.  I have read my cousin's blog, she writes a great one that usually motivates me... today it just made me feel guilty, I don't want to be energetic and perky.

I didn't sleep well.  I was so excited about finally working on a quilt on my Juki, that I just couldn't relax, could have probably stayed up all night quilting. 

Cup of herbal tea and some reading didn't help. 

Then my daughter was dealing with an issue and called for moral support. There is nothing worse than not being able to help solve an issue of that magnitude.  Knowing that the situation was wrong, knowing it was a child that desperately needed help, knowing that the police made a bad decision to avoid dealing with a problem.  It's absolutely heart wrenching.  The mo…

Orange... the color of the human spirit?

Bright orange shoes.  That was what caught my eye.  Bright orange shoes. 

Last night just as we were pulling back into town from an amazing visit with "the boy", "the girl" sent me a text asking what time we were getting back and if we had eaten.  We were ten minutes from our driveway, having stopped to pick up a few groceries, and no we hadn't stopped for dinner.  The last thing we'd eaten was Chinese take out sitting on the floor with the boy hours before, and hubby was hungry.

I was happily surprised to know they were at our house and our grand baby and one of her bff's were waiting on the front porch to ask us to go to Steak 'n Shake with them.

We quickly unloaded the car and headed out.  Hubby had taken my purse in the house, but I wasn't worried he could pay.  What I had forgotten was that Ava always asks me for quarters for the gum machines and I always have quite a few stashed just for her. Not last night. They were all at home in my purs…

Urgently Needed - A Mommy Fix!!

It's an Urbana day today, and I am so excited!  In about an hour hubby and I will head Northeast to spend some time with my youngest.  He will be graduating next month so I have no idea where life will find him all too soon.  He might not be just a short three hour drive away.

Spring has been brutally slow to arrive to the mid-west this year, so any walks we might take will be awfully chilly.  But for the first time ever I will be there on Mother's Weekend.  That wasn't planned, just happened.  Actually he was coming home this weekend and school plans got in the way. I am excited though because it means I will have greater access into the full scope of his life for the last four years.  I still will only be there for today, but that is okay.

Most of the trip will be for me to get my mommy fix.  I am sure at his age, he isn't so keen on it, but it makes me feel great!  So I will tidy his place, fix him a fabulous meal of his choice, stock his fridge and simply bask in …

Good Byes...

Seems today is full of them.

Some are temporary, like one of my staff leaving to chase new dreams.  I am sure I will talk to her and run into her in different circles.  She is just no longer going to be someone I see and talk to every day.  I will miss her.  The smiles, laughter, fun were simply a small part of it.  I loved knowing that I had someone working with me that I knew would be professional and proficient in her job skills.  I am happy for her that she has found something that will allow her more freedom and professional growth. But good byes even temporary are sometimes hard.

For my sweet sister, the good bye was more permanent.  One of her furbabies left for the rainbow bridge today. Unexpected and suddenly. In my family, like many, they are true parts of our family and the pain is unreal.  I wish I could be there to hug her, I know how painful it is.

I hope she reads this today and knows I love her and I know how much she will miss Molly B...For you Trisha... Hugs and pra…

Shaking My Head!

Sometimes people amaze me!  Absolutely knock me out with their selfish, petty behaviors.  I am a pretty empathetic person.  I believe in giving second chances, even third, fourth, fifth... I can be seriously stupid in wanting to believe the best in people.

I have been hurt many times because of it.  But sometimes, sometimes they just take my breath away with their insensitivity.  Around the middle of the day I got an IM message.  Nothing unusual there, but the content and the writer, now that was unusual.  Someone that I used to know, someone that needs to stay in the "used to" column of my life wrote to ask me a favor.

This is not a person I was ever close to, but someone that I tolerated for darn near twenty years, because there was no other option.  This person is not someone that has any business asking me for a favor.  But still they did. 

The part of me that has serious empathy understands.  It really does.  But the rest of me, remembers the past.  It's not that I…

Just how happy are you?

I've really been pondering the training I took yesterday. Tiff really has a way of teaching that makes you stop, listen and reflect.  Her style engages people and draws them in.  I am still over 24 hours later reflecting on my Happiness Quotient, if I had to say I brought one thing back with me, that would be the one that impacted me the most.

I am thankful that I don't let the past haunt me, meaning  that I am negative because of it.  But I do sometimes react too cautiously because I am afraid of the outcome.  I have been burned in the past and just like everyone else I carry a few "battle" scars.  Although I have to be careful, I can really get sucked into a negative vortex when I allow myself to be surrounded by people that have a serious case of the grouchies!

The questions about what are your passions and what makes you the happiest keep running through my mind.  She said that hopefully those things meshed with our mission and we could find even more happiness …

Why Yes! You can Kiss my Bass!

Sunrise over Sunnen Lake
As the sun was rising above the lake this morning, it occurred to me that it was going to be great day!  After all how could it not be wonderful when it starts in the low 70's and with a beautiful sunrise over the lake?

I am always a bit apprehensive about the retreats at work.  I have been to some that could best be described as train wrecks. This one, was simply put, great! We have new leadership planning and hosting them and it was evident.  The classes were fresh, the layout was planned wonderfully and they even took into consideration it was Cardinal's home opener! After dinner and the awards ceremony we joined the Bingo game which was great fun!

I didn't know if it could get better until today, I had the opportunity to take a class by one of my dearest friends and a great trainer.  It was about Happiness! And it really made my day brighter, how awesome of a way to start the day. It really made me stop and think about my happiness quotient an…

Nom, Nom!

Another morning that is starting way too early!  Gonna be a long and busy one today.  Hubby and I have to head south in an hour or so.  Today is the Cards retreat at Trout Lodge.  For a day and a half, we get the opportunity to go to one of the most beautiful places in southeastern Missouri and sit in seminars staring out the window at the beauty.

Normally it is quite a painful venture, but today it should be just fine sitting inside and looking out.  It started storming last night just was we brought the last cooler in and is supposed to continue until Wednesday.  So actually, traveling from event to event is going to be soggy and gross.  Oh well, can't win them all.

Yesterday ended up perfect!  Hubby's party was so much fun.  I am not a party person, I struggle with planning and running them.  It's usually pretty overwhelming for me, but this time it was fun.  I can't say it was the best decorated party.  But everyone seemed to have a good time and most importantly,…

Celebrating my Hubby!!!

I should have probably slept in, but knowing I had spent most of yesterday enjoying myself in my sewing room I knew I had lots to do.  So before the sun had even thought about waking up, I got up and savored my first cup of coffee of the day, it wouldn't be the last.  Most of the house is tidy now, just the kitchen to finish up on after I finish cooking and then it's time to celebrate!

It's James' birthday!!!  For some reason he wanted a party, he doesn't pick the usual ones to celebrate. Milestone birthday's are far too mundane for him.  We had his last big party when he turned 51, so it only stands to reason that we would pick 61 for the next.  We've invited close friends and family, people that make both of us smile.  Most of the kids will be here including a boyfriend or two.

He's been cooking since yesterday.  A huge pan of BBQ pork steaks is simmering on the stove, I am not a BBQ cook at all, I don't even pretend to be and his are great!  I d…