A long 36 hours...

What an exhausting 36 hours!  So rewarding though... I have spent the evening sipping wine and playing mindless games on my computer.  Not my usual evening. Hubby and I had an 18 hour work day yesterday which not even 10 hours later started over again.  So whew... exhaustion and satisfaction all in one.
My girl with her Girls!
We lead a team that put together a great trivia night meeting our goal to support our sister Y's internationally.  That feels good.  Its great to know that an evening of work & fun will contribute to the Y mission growing.  To know we are helping provide meals, day care, reading, and swimming lessons to prevent drownings.  It was so great.  I loved that my daughter came, she was so funny.  Her team proudly claimed last place in the first round and never gave up that honor! Team Sad Sak  proudly carryed home their black balloons and dum dums. 

I had some of my favorite volunteers to work with, they were amazing!  Hubby is a fantastic mc and his sense of humor really makes it so much fun! He even decided to sing last night.  It was great!  So despite it all, even though at eleven at night as we dragged our tired selves home... it was a wonderful evening and it was so rewarding!

This morning saw us heading back across the bridge to celebrate the Spring Festival and Healthy Kids Day.  It was planned in the parking lot, it happened inside... Mother Nature in her quirky way decided we should not have the clear, dry day we were hoping for, we had plenty of rain to make it soggy.  It was quite an interesting event moving it all inside, but it ended up working out just fine.  Kids left with new properly fitted bike helmets, all the little girls got super cool manicures, snow cones and popcorn were a huge hit. It was a nice day.

It was a great week, busy... only one more event waiting for me and it is simple. Celebrating volunteers (find a place to give service - it feels great!), trivia (raising money for a great cause - this makes you feel really great!) and celebrating kids and spring (I mean seriously how can that not be wonderful??) my world feels full, I'm tired but feel good.  Love it!

Home equaled sleep and then a veg out evening. I don't often run out of steam tonight I did, tonight I just curled up with that nice wine, the rain outside and mindless games cozy in my jammies. 

I needed it.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to do the hair cuts I owe the neighbors, finish up the quilt on the frame and do the laundry.  Tomorrow will dawn a bit soggy, but full of potential... that is if I can finally fall asleep, I should never take a nap.

What are you doing this weekend?

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