Just how happy are you?

I've really been pondering the training I took yesterday. Tiff really has a way of teaching that makes you stop, listen and reflect.  Her style engages people and draws them in.  I am still over 24 hours later reflecting on my Happiness Quotient, if I had to say I brought one thing back with me, that would be the one that impacted me the most.

I am thankful that I don't let the past haunt me, meaning  that I am negative because of it.  But I do sometimes react too cautiously because I am afraid of the outcome.  I have been burned in the past and just like everyone else I carry a few "battle" scars.  Although I have to be careful, I can really get sucked into a negative vortex when I allow myself to be surrounded by people that have a serious case of the grouchies!

The questions about what are your passions and what makes you the happiest keep running through my mind.  She said that hopefully those things meshed with our mission and we could find even more happiness combining the two.

I am not sure if my passion and work will blend, but I sure am trying! I am getting ready to teach my first quilting class.  It's a basic t-shirt quilt class, I have developed quite a fondness for making them and I am enjoying the idea of sharing that love with others.  I have to admit that I was beside myself excited that the class is filled.  I set the class size relatively small, I needed to be able to gauge it before adding too many folks.

As I was working on my nephew's quilt I realized that for a beginner it would be easier to center a clear square over the design in the size you needed.  It is difficult to cut it blind. As I was thinking and cutting with my plexiglass rulers it occurred to me to try making some plexi-templates.  Hubby and I called the local hardware store and asked them if they could cut me the size I needed.  Happily, they said yes and before lunch!

I created the supply list and I sent it to everyone registered for the class.  I have a few more things to gather before the first class, less than a week away.  I am feeling very good about this, very positive, it feels right.

Who knows, maybe I can combine my passions with my work, that would be nirvana!  After this class I want to be able to teach more "old timey crafts" as one of my younger peers blurted out at the last big gathering of professional staff.  Ironic really when you consider that I have seven folks paying for my class and those younger folks are struggling to fill free ones.

Maybe I am going to be able to combine them... I sure hope so, I am fairly sure that would really cause my happiness quotient to sky rocket! What's your happiness quotient?  Do you take a daily inventory to see if you are living your life to it's fullest capacity?  I hope everyone has a Tiff in their life, to give them a reality check when it seems out of whack!  And to do it all with laughter!!

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