Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013!!

So... how did  you spend Earth Day? Me? Sadly, I spent it inside looking outside at the beautiful sunshine.  Tonight I am hoping to see the meteor shower though, if the predicted storms don't move into the area.

I knew I had to work today, and that it would be a long day... So I celebrated yesterday! I got two sets of my raised beds planted.  Soon hubby and I will be able to dine on fresh, crisp white and red radishes, make salads with with lettuce that will soon be sprouting, nibble on the fingerling carrots and crunch away on fresh beets. All the spring veggies that I planned for this year have the first planting in the ground.  In two weeks I will sow the next batch and every two weeks after that until it gets too warm. Then I will shift into summer mode.  Although I am considering getting some spinach in, I will decide by next weekend.  I really do love fresh baby spinach salads.

Next weekend I will clean out the other beds, and get them ready.  Two of them need some fresh soil and compost.  And it is still too early to put out the summer stuff.  I will start those seeds inside.  I've been saving a bunch of egg cartons to use, just for that. I have some really wonderful selections planned for summer.  I am going to sweet talk hubby into helping me build some lattices by my beds this year.  I have a few ideas, that I think will make my garden more productive.  This year I plan to plant several types of beans.  I love dried beans and I am looking forward to cooking and storing all these heirloom varieties.

So my day didn't involve any wonderful sunshine laden outside activities, but it didn't deter me from celebrating...

How did you celebrate Earth Day? I would love to know....