Another great class!!

What a great class!!  It really gives me so much energy to facilitate the quilting class.  To watch each of their quilts coming together.  The power of various friendships being displayed. 

Class number two is over and tonight was so amazing!  The energy and emerging skills are so rewarding to be part of.  It's absolutely amazing to see how quickly another class flew by.  We were all so engrossed in the projects it was shocking to realize there were only fifteen minutes left in the class.

Each quilt is coming along.  One is a memory quilt from shirts left behind to comfort a wife, it is so lovely!  The colors and flow make my heart warm, I can only imagine the feeling for her.  Another is a memory quilt times two.  They are being made to remind another widow that she is blessed with memories and for the maker to have a matching one to help her heart too.

There is the college years made by one of our younger members, a school years quilt by the youngest in the group and her mom.  One of the ladies is working on a travel quilt, and sweet hubby is doing a best of the Y quilt out of his favorites.

Each one shows a bit of the person making it, each one has a story.  That is one of the things I love about a memory/t-shirt quilt.

The group dynamics are flowing also.  It makes me smile.  My boss came in tonight, she was stunned.  So much was going on it was such an interesting mix of people. The maker of the twin quilts is an instructor that is greatly loved at our branch, it shows.  A fellow instructor was spending his evening helping her iron interfacing - fairly sure he'd never done that before.  One of her students came in to see what she was doing and ended up helping her cut out her squares.

Each of them is at a different place, each moving at their own pace.  And it's okay.  The journey is what it's about.  I am so blessed to be there.  I am not an expert, these quilts are just bits of memories held together by love, and I have the wonderful opportunity to guide the journey!

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