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making plans...

Sitting on the deck, enjoying coffee in the early morning hours with Hubs...  Seems a perfect way to ease into a Sunday morning.  Listening to the chirps and songs of so many different birds.  It's so relaxing. 
We are enjoying our little mini-staycation.  It's a unique mix of to-do's that have been put off, long walks to keep us focused and motorcycle rides.  It was supposed to include a raft trip down one of the lazy rivers, although supposedly it is going to rain.  
I keep looking at the forecast, it's teasing us, I know.  Currently it is 68 and not a single cloud in the sky.  By this afternoon it was supposed to be storming.  Now... not a drop is forecast.  Sadly... There are other plans already made.  Although a leisurely motorcycle ride will happen!

Maybe an extra walk in a park somewhere. A short easy hike.  I completely love being in nature, so something like that very well might happen.
Hubs and I signed up for the Y Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP).  Neith…


Sitting out on the deck with hubs, enjoying this cool morning air, simply not in a hurry to do much of anything.

It's been a crazy busy week.  The past 8 days have been insane.  So much has happened, so many changes, so many emotions.  Just so much.

Over the course of the next six to eight months so much of my life will be completed changed.  I am happy, sad, scared, excited, challenged, energized and full of hope.  All of these emotions and more are running through my heart and mind right now.

The faith that I have is pretty much what will get me through.

I still haven't processed a lot of it, there hasn't been time.  That flood we had back in 2014 is leading to even greater changes.  My wonderful old building full of people that I love and have built strong relationships with will all too soon shutter her doors.  She's put up a good fight, but after 90 years and countless abuses it's time to let her rest.  Looking forward... there is a bright, shiny, future at a…

finding faith...

The winds brought through a short, intense storm this morning.  It was a bit unexpected. Welcome just the same.  It's been brutally hot. Today through Sunday are supposed to be worse.  So the cool breeze and big, wet, soaking drops that fell were very welcome.

It's been an intense few weeks.  So many things changing and happening, that it almost feels overwhelming. Oppressive even.  I don't hate change.  In fact I flow quite nicely with it.  I may not change my house once I have it the way I like it, it's my comfort zone.  My sanctuary against overwhelming change and disruption. Probably as a result of being a military child and spouse for so very long. I need one constant.

I guess part of my struggle right now, is that the change is all around me, I am a witness and whatever is going on will impact me.  But I am not a participant.  I am simply an observer.  I guess it is like the feeling you get when you allow yourself to float on waves.  You are pushed up, down, sid…

When will it stop?

Almost eight hours of riding. Already 173 miles under our bums. Even though I worked this morning for a few hours, we still managed to find time to run off and leave the circus behind.  It's been a trying time this week.  Horrible actually.

My dear friends have had so much taken from them. Not only was Independence Day a day of trauma and madness, two men murdered, one staggering in pleading with anyone to not let him die.  Armed men deliberately targeting those people in the cars.  Using guns designed for complete destruction, not protection or hunting.

That wasn't enough though.

I had fallen asleep before the Dallas shootings, I was worn out, tired.  I simply needed rest.

It hardly seems like it was only yesterday morning that I was jarred awake by my phone.  Bolting to wide awake as I recognized my dear "b's" face on the screen.  She never calls me too late or too early - ever. Unless it's important.  Life or Death important.

It was.

Before I'd ev…

when thoughts wander...

Hubs is on vacation this week.  I took a few days earlier this summer and went to the coast to spend time with the boy and his girl.  Hubs is just hanging out... mourning that the weather is less than promising.  He'd planned to get some serious miles in on the Harley.

Me? I'm taking a few me minutes.  Ironically, it is rather peaceful at work right now and I am catching up on a few million things that I feel like I am behind on.  But for a few quiet, still moments this morning, I'm resting. This crazy weather is wrecking havoc on my poor body.  One day it's 65 the next 95... ahhh summer in the mid-west.

Its deceptive outside.  I didn't look at the thermometer, why disappoint myself.  Inside its a nice 68, that is the temperature my body likes the most. If I am chilled I can always pop on a sweater, but at least I won't hurt. It's clear outside, I wasn't prepared for the oppressive, damp heat that greeted the boys and I as we left for our early mornin…

finding balance...

Though the open garage door yesterday I spent hours lost in one of my favorite hobbies.  Upcycling furniture.  We have had two dressers that have been hanging out, taking up space.  Not being used, very out dated and basically a waste.  So as the rain fell at times a light drizzle at others... Noah would have accepted the challenge... we worked.

Hubs is a music man.  Silence doesn't enter his world. He seems to hate it, I seem to thrive in it.  We are always looking for that delicate balance.  This morning I was out there by myself, doing a touch up on the red dresser, it suffered an accidental scratch yesterday.  It was silent.  The fan was whirring, swishing the air in circles around my head.  The brush making slight scratching sounds, chalk paint is course, stiff.  Periodically I heard the scuffling sound of the brake stool sliding on the concrete.  That is an amazing little stool that has saved my poor knee more than once. 
I find peace creating.  It doesn't matter what I …


A tiny little inch worm starts spinning it's cocoon, it will go through a season of change, wrapped tightly in that pristine shell. When it emerges, after what undoubtedly feels like an eternity, the difference defies thought.  Not only is it beautiful and graceful, it bears no resemblance to it's former simple self.

Those changes occur even when the little inch worm is unaware that is his destiny.  He is just moving along, happily munching his life away basking in the sun.  I doubt it ever occurs to him in the forward motion of his life, that there are huge changes coming.

There will be isolation, loneliness, pain, struggles and finally freedom.

I feel like that happens to people too, too many times. I wonder if we are ready or if we are caught off guard.  In flux.  Frozen in time.  Are we aware of the many dangers that approach us as we are in that state? Are we aware of the flying sticks, inquisitive young and old or other animals that could easily end everything while we …