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It's a good life...

This mornings walk was cool and breezy, a welcome change from what we've had.  It's easy to tell when summer is coming to an end here in the mid-west.  It knuckles down and gets brutal for a couple of days at least.  It will not go peacefully into the night.

That softness made for a beautiful change.  Both of the boys were bouncier than usual and had to be coaxed to come back to the house.  Walking the last few houses, letting my mind wander and my eyes absorb the changes around me, I saw it.  The first sign that as we wrap up August, as the summer fades, fall is getting a bit pushy herself!

If you've read my blog for a bit, you know I am absolutely passionate about fall.  And finding those few brightly colored leaves on the ground was enough to start me day dreaming about mum's and pumpkins.  It had me craving the cooler days and nights.  My jeans and sweatshirts are never far back in my closet.

This morning as the kitchen aid was churning the french vanilla ice cr…


It's 7:35 am... I have no business even being awake! It's hot and sticky here in the mid-west (and it doesn't matter what side of the river you live on. And the past two nights have been super late.  I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal.  And that doesn't mean early morning to bed... but habits are hard to break.

I haven't turned on any news or even the radio, I have decided I need a full day without any one giving me any inaccurate facts on anything.  I need a day to forget all of it. It's been placed in Gods hands and I don't need to waste energy or time worry about things I cannot change.

We were planning to go pick up another load or two of stuff from the old house, honestly... I can't take any more time outside right now.  It's way too hot!  My fibro and heat are mortal enemies.  It takes me down faster than anything.  I don't feel the need to go out in the heat at all today.

Last weekend was crazy productive and I think I am go…

the line between right and wrong...

I am listening to an old country song playing through my brain... I need Grampa to tell me about the good old days.  I want to remember when the only boogie men were in stories told to frighten.  I want to remember when good was more prevalent than bad.

I woke up to more ugly.  I woke up to hear of more arrests, more attempted subjugation of our laws, more stupidity and anger.  That is being fueled by something more insidious and evil than reality.

I am worried about the people of Ferguson.  I am worried about my friends.  I am worried that the people that are using that city to make their political points are destroying something beautiful.  I am tired of hearing race baiting, I am tired of it all.

My heart is hurting.  I am blessed, I only have to read about it, not live it.  But people I love are living with it. I had a conversation with a gentleman yesterday.  We've become good friends despite that I can't imagine living in his world and he can't imagine mine.  Our li…

Who's winning the race?

Brrr... yes I really said that in the Midwest in August...

It's raining outside, and it makes me remember the beautiful rains in Brazil.  At the time I was not so fond of it, it was cold and non-stop.  Gentle and persistent. That is how it is falling here today. I was hoping to take the boys for a walk after it let up a bit, but the old guy was not at all inclined to wait.  Odd, considering back in the days of being let out back to do his business he would have none of the rain, it wasn't happening.

So off in the rain I went.  It's actually a warm rain until it really starts to soak in.  Then not so much.  It was so quiet out there.  No sound really, just the occasional soft rustle of the water in the drainage pipes. Rushing to the river down the hill.

The air, has that beautiful fresh smell that comes from a morning rain and walking two big boys in that kind of beauty gives me time to think and focus.  I enjoy the peace that can be found in silence.  I love the time it g…

what is the content of your heart?

My heart is heavy, my spirit hurts, and I am simply being worn down by the sad events that have hit the St. Louis Metro area.  The sadness from Ferguson is overwhelming.  This area is a bunch of smaller communities that have basically blended together into a larger city... each retains it's own individuality, it's own personal flavor but we are really all basically the same family.

And like most families we have our nuts, our success stories, our flaws and our beauty.  Sometimes all in the same area or group of people all at the same time.  Sometimes not so much.

Over the weekend a young man lost his life.  An officer made a decision that altered the course of many lives, his own included.  We don't know the cause, we don't know the reason, we don't basically have any information other than that.  Two men, and I'm sorry but at 18 you are a man - not a child, made some type of decisions that have had a tsunami effect on an entire community and those surrounding …

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

It's her birthday!  It's her birthday!!  My sweet little grandbaby is eight today!  I wish I were able to take the day off and enjoy it with her, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Too much other stuff going on this week.  It's okay, her mommy needs time to enjoy her.  She's been on vacation and traveling with different family members all summer.  Mom has barely seen her more than we have.

I remember the morning we got the call that she was on her way.  Hubby and I were fishing up in New Athens.  We'd been there all morning, we had decided to continue our celebration of my birthday by doing some fun stuff for us.  Truth be told, I was bumming a bit, as my ex was in town and I simply don't share my babies well.  So I was a bit pouty.  So in typical Hubby fashion he had me out catching fish and trying to avoid ticks (you get Lyme once and that is truly a freaky feeling), totally distracted from my imagined hurt feelings and enjoying the sunshine.


A life worth living...

Nicely chilled glass of white wine, soft lights in my almost finished family room.  I am sitting here enjoying the quiet, looking at a silly lizard who has bent himself in half over his rock and watching the turtle swimming everywhere.  Hubby and the boys are upstairs.  The girl will be here shortly.

It's the perfect end to a wonderful, love filled day! I am not a huge fan of celebrating.  I will gladly celebrate you, but I don't like center stage... today, it was nice!  After a slow easy start to the morning, the newish routine of walking the pups and then breakfast together, giggling a bit more over the awesome gift hubby got me for my birthday... I know I picked it out - sort of - he's the one that remembered and rode his motorcycle in the rain to get it for me!! The day has just been fun since.

Waking up to a text and facie bookie post from my girl... she is so silly!  That started my day with a smile and love!  Moments later my boy sent me a text... this was promising…