the line between right and wrong...

Can you see through the fog?
I am listening to an old country song playing through my brain... I need Grampa to tell me about the good old days.  I want to remember when the only boogie men were in stories told to frighten.  I want to remember when good was more prevalent than bad.

I woke up to more ugly.  I woke up to hear of more arrests, more attempted subjugation of our laws, more stupidity and anger.  That is being fueled by something more insidious and evil than reality.

I am worried about the people of Ferguson.  I am worried about my friends.  I am worried that the people that are using that city to make their political points are destroying something beautiful.  I am tired of hearing race baiting, I am tired of it all.

My heart is hurting.  I am blessed, I only have to read about it, not live it.  But people I love are living with it. I had a conversation with a gentleman yesterday.  We've become good friends despite that I can't imagine living in his world and he can't imagine mine.  Our lives are very different.  But we have empathy for each other.  We care that the other is safe and happy.  Oddly, we could not stand each other the first time we met.  Now we celebrate each other's children and their victories at life.  We talk about silly mundane things, and more recently we talk about deeper things.  Things that are spiraling out of hand.

During the course of our conversation this large, intimidating man shared with me his own fears of the area he lives in.  How he longs to drive home and take a deep cleansing breath and feel relief.  A relief that is being robbed from him, because not too long ago a group of young men moved in across the street.  They are being little terrors who feel something is owed to them.

They are forcing their ugly feelings about life, their sense of entitlement on the entire community.  My friend is fearful for his family, he struggles to rest.  He lives very near the epi-center of chaos in Ferguson.  In fact he lives right around the corner from the shooting that occurred yesterday.  When a young man chose to charge the police with a knife in his hand.  He's dead. Where are those protests?

This feels orchestrated.  This feels like it was planned. It doesn't feel organic, it doesn't feel like a genuine reaction to a tragic death and loss.  Maybe it's the looting (because nothing says I love you, quite as well as destruction and theft), maybe its all the outsiders that have rushed in to "protest" for them.  You know groups that are egging on the civil disobedience.  Groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party... yep they've shown up, or the New Black Panthers, or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who tried to turn it into a fund-raising opportunity), or the Nation of Islam, or any of the others that have used a tragic, senseless event for political gain. For something more than it is.

Everyday, across America there are deaths that need not happen.  In North County people are shooting each other left and right for far less of a reason than the one on August 9.  Why this one?  Why this time?

I need those good old days, "when the line between right and wrong didn't seem so hazy..." It amazes me that in the midst of the chaos in the world... all the other geo-political problems the entire country is focused on creating a bigger mess out of little Ferguson Missouri than it really is or should be.  Did the border crisis finally get solved, did we stop bringing thousands of illegal immigrants to a town near you?  Did ISIS finally stop raiding and killing and destroying lives and countries?  Did all of our monetary issues suddenly become resolved?  And everyone now has affordable health care that isn't going to break our countries monetary backbone?  Are all of our military and troops finally safe? Have all the wars ended? Seriously??  Or did little Ferguson just become one heck of a smoke screen with little to no concern and care for the wonderful people that live there.  Are they simply another pawn in the hands of idiots that are power hungry?

I am praying for my friends in Ferguson.  I am praying for Mike Brown's family and I am praying for Darren Wilson and his family also.

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