A life worth living...

Nicely chilled glass of white wine, soft lights in my almost finished family room.  I am sitting here enjoying the quiet, looking at a silly lizard who has bent himself in half over his rock and watching the turtle swimming everywhere.  Hubby and the boys are upstairs.  The girl will be here shortly.

It's the perfect end to a wonderful, love filled day! I am not a huge fan of celebrating.  I will gladly celebrate you, but I don't like center stage... today, it was nice!  After a slow easy start to the morning, the newish routine of walking the pups and then breakfast together, giggling a bit more over the awesome gift hubby got me for my birthday... I know I picked it out - sort of - he's the one that remembered and rode his motorcycle in the rain to get it for me!! The day has just been fun since.

Waking up to a text and facie bookie post from my girl... she is so silly!  That started my day with a smile and love!  Moments later my boy sent me a text... this was promising to be an amazing day!  With in an hour of waking up I heard from both my girl and boy.

On the way to work, the twins called and sang Happy Birthday to me.  I was simply feeling very loved. If my day hadn't changed one bit, it would have been perfect.

I was a bit apprehensive approaching work.  Last year, over night, my office had become infested with what seemed like hundreds of black plastic roaches.  I keep them in a wine glass on my desk, people are forever taking a few when they come in, like it is a strange fascination, I get it, it fascinates me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it all looking normal, although I do admit that I searched all around my desk in a panic, there is a certain red head that is known for birthday pranks and is responsible for the before mentioned roaches.

Did I really survive unscathed?  Nope... While I was catching up with the boss, seemed like forever since we'd chatted and caught up, my office was transformed into a mass of hanging streamers, colorful balloons and a large banner.  It was so wonderful.

Silly birthday song, hugs and warm wishes!  I felt so blessed.

The b's got me a gorgeous plant for my deck.  It made me smile, its so bright and cheery!

A phone call from the greatest grand baby in the world singing Happy Birthday to me, and my day felt complete!

Hubby took me out to dinner, a card arrived from my parents (Dad even signed it himself- those of you that know, well you KNOW) and now I am waiting for my girl to come over.  She's driving home from a trip west.  I miss my babies.  So I can't wait to see her.

Maybe, just maybe this is going to be the best year yet, because when it is filled with so much love, laughter and warmth how can it be anything but wonderful?

I truly am blessed... what a warm, rich, amazing, wonderful life I have been blessed with....

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