It's 7:35 am... I have no business even being awake! It's hot and sticky here in the mid-west (and it doesn't matter what side of the river you live on. And the past two nights have been super late.  I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal.  And that doesn't mean early morning to bed... but habits are hard to break.

I haven't turned on any news or even the radio, I have decided I need a full day without any one giving me any inaccurate facts on anything.  I need a day to forget all of it. It's been placed in Gods hands and I don't need to waste energy or time worry about things I cannot change.

We were planning to go pick up another load or two of stuff from the old house, honestly... I can't take any more time outside right now.  It's way too hot!  My fibro and heat are mortal enemies.  It takes me down faster than anything.  I don't feel the need to go out in the heat at all today.

Last weekend was crazy productive and I think I am going to spend this one being just as busy.  We've finally gotten three full rooms done.  When you realize that is out of nine, well, you just don't feel so accomplished.  But it's a start.

We finished the kitchen hutch over the past few weeks and filled it with Gramma's china.  It looks so amazing!  The irony of the china... I had been searching for that very pattern for over 10 years. Way back in Washington, a dear friend and I had been thrift shopping and I bought a butter dish.  Oh I loved that butter dish.  And it matched absolutely nothing in my home.  Every chance I got I searched for the dishes to go with it, my sweet little $1 butter dish was lonely.

Fast forward over a decade or more and Hubby and I were cleaning out the basement in Fairview, his mom had passed away the year before and he had simply stored many of her belongings down there, not ready to deal with them yet.  In a far back corner was the most amazing steamer chest - at least in it's day... that had sadly been destroyed when the sump pump had failed during a storm (yeah, don't miss that!).  I was so hesitate to open it, the smell from the rotting paper was pretty darn bad.  I vaguely heard hubby in the background telling me who's chest it had been, because I was mesmerized by the treasure inside.

There among all the icky paper and mold was the china I had searched for.  A complete set, service for eight, that matched my little butter dish - ironically the only piece that the set did not have.

We finally finished the hutch for the dining room.  That big old beast is wonderful! It's the one I rescued from Savers for a whopping $25 back when we first found out we were moving.  The piece that was supposed to be completed and ready to go when we moved, the first treasure for our new house... remember that one? The piece that would not stand up in the old house, so it sat in the hall on it's side until we moved.  Yep that one.

I love my new dining room.  There are small pieces that I still need to complete.  I want to make a quilted table runner and place mats, but those are projects for a bit later.  The girl spent her Sunday helping us paint the walls as the final finish on the hutch dried.  It's welcoming, cozy, a place you want to be invited to eat a meal.  I am hoping to serve our first official dinner in there for company tomorrow.  Hubby and I eat there as much as possible! We have served the kids as it was in progress.  But it is now officially done.

Today, I have a feeling that I am going to spend the bulk of the day emptying boxes and sorting stuff for donation.  We were doing that as we packed, but discovered it was dragging us down.  So now we bring it all over in a box and sort as we but it away.  I am getting ready to fill a big coffee mug and head upstairs.

I am also going to get a quilt made for sweet baby William, I might not have all my tools moved, but that has never stopped me from making a quilt in the past, so I don't know why I have been waiting now.  He's arrived already and while it's far too warm to snuggle in a quilt right now... he needs it! I just know he does.

And finally, maybe if the heat is not too overwhelming, I am going to get the television stand done.  But I am not sure my little fans can make that garage feel comfortable at over 100 degrees heat index... we'll see.

But most importantly, I am going to spend some quality time hanging out with my sweet little grand daughter! I don't know what we will do, but we will do something.  Spending time with her is one of my absolute favorite things to do in this world.  Like she tells me all the time, in her old soul way... "family is the most important thing in the world..." yep... it sure is!

So how are you filling your gift of a weekend?

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