Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ohhh Phil, we need to chat....

Does anyone have a phone number, hot line, email address something for that silly groundhog Phil?  Because we need to chat.  Evidently, he still had sleep in his eyes or something yesterday, did he even have his eyes open?

I was already dream gardening yesterday, planning out the beds and the new trellising ideas that I want to try this year. Just 24 hours ago I was plotting ways to increase the quality of my compost and researching the appropriate amount of shredded paper I could add.  And this morning upon crawling out of bed I discover... this....

Garden is not quite ready for compost today

I am unbelievably happy about the snow and I really should have been expecting it. I have discovered after 10 years in the Mid-West that we are far more likely to have snow for Valentine's Day than for Christmas. I am just not sure how I slept through the snow plows, that is not something I usually do.

Now the only thing that would make it better would be not having to go to work and being able to just curl up in my chair with my knitting and enjoy it.  Make a big pot of some kind of soup or stew and a loaf of fresh bread. Peeking outside non-stop at the pretty waves of white.  Maybe even talk hubby into a snowy walk. I love to walk in the snow, particularly before the sun comes up, when the combination of snow and moonlight create that beautiful aura.

Looking at all that white goodness makes it even harder to believe that a week ago it was 70 degrees and it was raining so hard that it was flowing over the tops of our shoes. I know the snow won't create as much water for our drought affected region, but it is so much prettier in the winter.  Rain has it's own time and place, and in the winter is not where it belongs.

I guess I will head in to work early today.  Just to be sure the walks are shoveled and salt is down.  It's always hard to decide from home what I will find in St. Louis.  In this area 12 miles weather wise can be like being in different time zones.  We often end up with more snow and rain than that the city on the Mississippi, maybe there really is something to that conspiracy theory that the Arch can control weather, hmmmmm....

I could end up going in early and hanging out in my car for a bit.  I am not a paranoid person exactly, but my building is 88 years old, and I have worked there long enough to assure you that I do not ever go into that building alone.  The creep factor is far too high, and I tend to be really sensitive to positive and negative energies. That being said, I am really okay with sitting in my car and knitting for a bit. 

I should probably listen to the local forecast, see if anymore is on the way, starting to hear a lot of snowplow noise now, it is such a shame to ruin the pristine beauty of it all.  Before long folks will be rushing about, shopping and stocking up.

After all it is Superbowl Sunday and it seems that most of the country are plotting party's and taking bets about who will win, I don't fall into that category, and can honestly tell you I have no idea who is even playing much less who is going to win. My Superbowl plans include, knitting, making dog treats, and watching commercials.  How about you?