Monday, February 25, 2013


I am in that kind of mood today... this is not a good thing...

It was a great weekend and I had so much fun with my hubby, family and just in my quiet time it all balanced out.  I had the opportunity to enjoy my parents, love on my grand daughter and daughter and veg out with my hubby.  I would say it was a seriously well balanced, re-energizing weekend.

This morning started out wonderful too... I woke up way to early, considering I have to work until nine tonight, but decided to make the most of it.  Hubby had the news on, and I was just surfing through a few of my favorite blogs.  Hot cup of coffee, a bit of quiet in the dark before dawn, it should have been relaxing.

I found some wonderful ideas that I want to try, even looked into ordering a nice pressure cooker and a better quality dehydrator.  Hubby and I have really been putting some thought into these things and feel they will help us get the most out of our garden.  I already can, but I have never ventured into using a pressure cooker, so I haven't been doing as much as I could have.

And of course my cousin is dangerous, she is always posting things that get me digging deeper and finding something else I want to try my hand at, now she has me thinking about canning bacon bits... Oh my...

So where did the annoyance come in?  I am a news junky - I don't care for television as a general rule and really couldn't care less about 99% of movies either.  I don't like fantasy acted out for me, if I want fantasy I will read a good book, one that lets my imagination go crazy and I can picture it in my own way. 

So it is probably safe to say that I did not enjoy my morning coffee and news served up with a step by step recap of the Oscars.  Seriously?? In my brain, in this day and age, with the technology available, WHY do we need that?  There was a not a news channel that focused on the news, what is going on in Hollywood and who won what award is not news.  If I had had wanted to watch it, I had several other options... watch it live, record it, watch it on any of the "movie star" channels, YouTube, and many, many more.

Did I miss something while I slept? Did we solve our debt issues?  Is the threat of the sequester over?  Are there no wars?  Has the price of gas stopped rising?  Our second amendment rights are no longer being threatened?  GMO's and Monsanto have stopped poisoning our food?  Have we cured cancer, diabetes and all those other illnesses?  What about the article I read yesterday about the plan of the FDA to start putting aspartame in milk?

Now do you see why I am annoyed?  There is real news, there are real issues, and real challenges facing our country and I simply cannot comprehend why the news media, the very watch dogs of our society are more focused on who won an award, who's dress didn't look right, who was or wasn't the right choice, who tripped up the stairs, who was inappropriate, etc.  My frustration level went through the roof. 

I don't care about actors and actresses, I am not a fan of sports, and I just couldn't care less what these folks think about politics or life.  I am happy for them that they are gainfully employed and that they aren't waiting for the rest of the country to take care of them, but honestly I do not feel that they are any more important than the rest of us.

I am more interested in the farmer that is growing healthy organic food for our nation, for the dairy farmer that is producing nutritious non-chemical laden food, the everyday man and woman that are working hard to make a difference in this life, the people that are working at the most basic level to bring our country around, put people back to work and all that stuff.  And I want to know how our country is supporting in making that happen.

So... to deal with my annoyance, I simply quit watching.  I love the off button!  Because I have a choice on what I allow to annoy me.  Instead of allowing that stuff to steal my joy in the day, I helped hubby clean the fridge (wow, talk about sad... it's amazing how much you can forget about when you are working too much), fed all my critters and started the laundry.  It's wonderful how doing things with your own two hands and for the benefit of your family can completely change your mood. 

After I switch the laundry it will be time to work on some knitting while thinking about my spring garden.  Yep, it is definitely time to turn my thoughts to that.  There might be snow covering the beds, but soon it will be time to plant the spring beds... See mood is improving already... 

How do you deal with things that annoy you?