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Farewell 2014...

As the hours tick past, I would love to say that I will miss you 2014, but I can't.  You have been a year wrought with far too many extreme highs and extreme lows.  You showed a total lack of restraint, middle ground - a chance to catch one's breath was something you decided simply didn't need to happen.

It should have been an omen when you started out the year by basically stranding many in their homes and hindering others ability to even get to work.  You sure threw one heck of a temper tantrum a year ago. I was barely able to catch my breath from my youngest moving clear across the country - in case you didn't realize for a mom that had never had that much distance between her and her youngest that in and of itself was brutal.

In typical fashion you showed total disregard for my feelings when you decided I needed an even bigger distraction and tried to destroy my Y.  Never in my life have I seen that much water inside a building completely free flowing and raining d…