my mind is wandering...

In my not so quiet house, hubby is upstairs listening to something... With a list of "to do's" about a mile long, I've decided I have nothing better to do than sit and talk to you!

I need to wrap presents, I have cookies to bake, a few more gifts to finish and a house to tidy.  In a short bit I will change sheets yet again, and have more laundry to do.  I want to get the ironing finished and tidy up our room, which is starting to look and smell too much like a sick room.  I need to vacuum and dust up there too.

So much...

Yet here it is a few days before Christmas, tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  In my rose colored glasses, Utopian world we should all be celebrating peacefully.  We should be hanging our boughs of evergreen, listening to carols, thinking kind and good thoughts of our neighbors and friends.  Wishing love and peace for all around, near and far.  That is the world that my heart lives in.  It isn't naive enough to think that everyone celebrates the same holidays that I do, but it is strong enough to believe that we should celebrate what any religion or belief brings that is positive and uplifting!

Here is where my sorrow comes in.  There has been so much chaos in the world lately, so much anger, hurt and disbelief.  So much of it in our precious country.  Too many people are allowing themselves to be used like puppets.  The strings being pulled by people with too much time and money on their hands.  In my opinion the devil's henchmen.  They don't care about the lives they are shattering, the death, chaos and pain. They are reveling in it.

Too many people have not looked at the actual issues they are allowing themselves to be drawn into, a very carefully orchestrated plan is being put into play.  And it is frightening.  When all those protesters over the deaths of two men committed to be anarchists (because in reality that is what they were), people that did not want to follow the rules of society ended up dead, did those protesters even look into who was leading the charge?

I am fearful for our nation, we have police being executed.

Executed.  Just the word sends chills.  And it is being celebrated in the streets.  There is truthfully a very small number of American's behaving in this manner.  Mostly, we are all just living our lives and being the good, kind and caring people that American's are.

But will it spread?  Will the special kind of hatred that is developing in this country, that is being played ad nauseam on the news - local, national, and international, will that hatred spread?  Or will good people, people with common sense and love in their hearts realize what is going on and step into the gap?  Into the void between right and wrong that is being created.

Hubby's grandfather was killed in the line of duty, decades before he was even thought of. Every year I attend the Police Memorial with him.  It is a somber and beautiful event.  Those men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect the laws and rules that we the people have decided we need to have in order to live in a peaceful society.  They don't have to, they aren't mandated to, they do it out of love for their fellow man.  The truth is they are not paid nearly enough, work horrible shifts and each and every day is a danger.  Still they do it.  So that we can walk the streets in peace.  Do our shopping without fear and simply exist.

There are good cops and there are bad cops.  But when society decides that personal responsibility no longer matters, when we turn our heads to murders that happen daily, when an innocent man on a date with his wife can be beaten to death with hammers in the same metropolitan area that a street punk ended up dead and that is okay... When officers sitting in their patrol car doing their jobs and just because a man had a continual habit of breaking the law ended up dead they are executed? Something is wrong.

I don't know that I agree with both verdicts.  One seems odd to me, the other, I understand.  What I don't understand is the complete loss of concern for human life and freedom.  What I don't understand is the lemming mentality.  I fully expect to see large numbers of people just follow the leader into the sea to die.  Is this Jonestown on a large scale?  Are people drinking some invisible Kool-aid? Did these people protesting and calling for deaths miss the news that this is all being orchestrated by the same people that orchestrated Occupy Wall Street?  That these are people who are trying to cause destruction for destructions sake and get filthy rich off of it?

It's Christmas, Hanukkah and a special time of the year for many other faiths.  Why are people doing and praising horrible deeds?  What are they hoping to prove?

I would rather hear of the good things in life.  The things I see every day.  I want that celebrated.  The neighbor that doesn't even know us that gave me her phone number so that I can call her if I need Hubby checked on, as she is working from home right now while she recovers from surgery herself.  The "kids" up the street that come each day to check on their elderly father, decorating his home with great care and love for the holiday season. The elderly couple walking through the store hand in hand, enjoying each other and all around.  The sweet man (who happened to be Muslim) at the grocery the other day that offered to help me load my car when seeing me struggle in the rain.

The assortment of people that I get to meet every day, the ones that have served their country honorably - given it their all and are now sleeping on the streets at night, because they have lost everything.  And yet I watch them share a small meal with another, or give up their jacket to someone colder than they are.    I am not talking about the people that have made street living a way of life, I am not referring to the ones that feel everyone owes them something.  I am referring to those that have accepted that is where they are for the moment, while trying to plot a way out that have dignity and love in their hearts.  Not greed and entitlement.

I am prayerful that the true American spirit will soar.  I am prayerful that we will remember to love our fellow man.  To give with open and kind hearts.  To remember that when we created this great country, it was man's love for man and for the freedom's we cherish that built it.  We didn't have the government control and the dictation of what would be based on what they received from the government.  People took pride in not accepting handouts, in working hard, and being proud of their accomplishments. We had people loving and lifting each other up. We had kind hearts and good souls.  Common sense.

For Christmas, I would like that back.  I would like to see my country in it's glory once again.  I would like to see mankind being man KIND.  I firmly believe if we all live with a gracious and giving heart that will happen again.  The hungry will be fed, the naked clothed, the desperate saved, and the homeless sheltered. Not by governments but by people.

I am prayerful that the riots stop, the shootings end.  The officers being killed, while sad and heart wrenching is a risk they take.  The media needs to stop. The politicians need to stop. The two men... while breaking the laws were simply two men.  It's sad they are dead, but they aren't a focal point to galvanize a nation.  Or they shouldn't be.  Thousands are killed every day, instead of focusing on these people, maybe we should focus on the thousands, on what is going on in our country that is leading so many people to feel it is okay to take a human life.  It isn't about guns, really tired of that argument, the young Bosnian man was killed with hammers.  The "weapons" are not the cause.  The cause is something in their hearts.  Lets look at that and not the instruments they are using to do these things.

I realize this is not a very Christmasy post.  In fact... I am not sure it is at all.  But it is something I needed to get off my heart. I mad the mistake of turning on the news while I sat in my festive living room crocheting.  I should have stayed with the Christmas Carols.  You all know me by now, you know that whenever something is heavy on my heart I am going to discuss it with you.  We don't have to agree, but we can definitely discuss.

My heart isn't so heavy now, I don't have the insanity bottled up inside.  Sadly the sunshine has faded, it was beautiful this morning.  Happily, there is snow forecast for tomorrow... maybe I will have my white Christmas after all.  Funny... I don't know why that is important to me.  Maybe it's my Pennsylvania roots.  I am sure that Jesus did not have snow for his first Christmas.

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