Lost in my thoughts...

It's soggy.  Very soggy!  Yesterday had that heavy gloom and haze that comes with winter.  You could barely see it was so foggy.  One of those days that you were simply thankful for the slightly warm cold weather.  It was cold enough to chill you to the bone, but not cold enough to freeze, and definitely not cold enough to snow.  All of this adds up to a very soggy, wet day.

It's coming down in a solid sheet of rain, the kind you can see through the windows and hear pounding on the roof.  It's also the kind that makes every inch of your body hurt, and your dogs boycott going for a decent walk.

Yesterday was a busy day, we had both the nurse and the PT come and visit for a bit.  I was also trying to get some work done upstairs.  The reason was two fold, first off the work needed done, secondly hubby needed to stay in bed.  He'd felt like superman the day before and spent far too many hours sitting in his favorite chair.  He's been paying for it since.  He'll be fine, he just put him self back a bit.

The nurse and PT feel he is healing great and don't feel that he will need someone with him 24/7 by the weekend.  After all his staples will come out Tuesday.  So Monday I will head back to work, I am not sure that is going to lighten the load much, as I will need to drive home for his appointments and such, but it will be good to feel some normalcy.  It will only be for two weeks, then our boy will be home for Christmas break!

It's still raining, hardly let up since last night.  But its a perfect evening to work on some Christmas cooking, a bit of decorating and definitely a nice hot cup of Gluhwein.  Warms the soul.  Carols playing, lights flickering.  I feel like being in the Christmas Spirit, it's been a long tough year, it's time to send it out in style.

It's a start...
I am struggling tonight.  I have a cousin who doesn't like Christmas.  She was raised Christian, I am not sure what she is anymore.  Frankly, I don't really care.  What I found interesting was her saying how much she hates Christmas Carols. How vehemently she has defended her belief that they should not be played.  The atheists are putting up bill boards, and I actually read something about Christians being the ISIS of our country.
the lights across the street...
Wow... Last time I checked I have not heard of a good God praising Christian beheading anyone - did I miss that somewhere?  I don't even believe that true followers of Islam are anything like ISIS.  I have accepted there are many out there that feel if you cannot see things their way and their way only then you are just a narrow minded conservative Christian.  A stereotype.  If you enjoy Christmas Carols - well shame on you for forcing your "beliefs" on them.  I often wonder do they feel it is contagious?  Are they afraid if they have to hear about Christmas or Christianity it will somehow convert them?  Get a grip.  I have been subjected to many different types of music in my almost 50 years... I can assure you none of it made me a convert to anything.

I find it rather hysterical, in a sad way, that those that most want you to have an open mind or attitude towards their beliefs are the ones that have the least open minds of all.  They are the people that want to force you to their way of thinking and feeling without ever considering how it might make others feel.

I try very hard to be respectful of others, to stop and think if I am living a good life and how my actions or words might impact others.  Even as I write this blog, I pause, I think.  Will what I type from my heart harm another?  Is it possible that my feelings will be misinterpreted.  Ask poor hubby how often I have asked him if I have crossed a line.

I have friends and family that are as "odd" as I am. If you stop to observe me, you will find that I am just an old fashioned, down to earth girl that might possibly struggle with moving into the future.  I am not a Bible thumper, I feel my actions and words should identify me.  Chances of ever being labeled a holy roller are rather slim.  I assure you, my Christianity is deep, my belief and faith is what carries and sustains me. It is deeply personal and profound.  I have found that my God has held me close and carried me when need be many times in my life.

Note, I said "MY" God.  Personally, I feel that God, Allah, or whomever you chose to place your faith in is a deeply personal choice.  I completely feel that on a very deep, ancient level, it is all the same.  If you study religions, beliefs or whatever, or maybe study is the wrong word... if you stand on the outside and look... they are all very similar, semantics are different, but a faith that is deep and uplifting regardless is common.

Do I believe there are people that are atheists?  Agnostics? Ancient Alien?  Wicca? Buddhist? Satanists? Hindu? Of course, and I completely believe that they and all the others should have the rights and liberties to worship as they want!  As long as there is no harm to any living creature, I honestly do not care what you chose to believe or disbelieve.  What I care about is that you afford others to do the same.

This time of year, just like Easter is very important to those of us of the Christian faith.  We invite you to share in the love and happiness.  And should you not want to, that is fine, but do not minimize the joy for us. Stop being shallow and narrow minded and stop having a closed heart. If you don't choose to worship then don't.  If your reason is the "commercialism", well I don't believe that is Christians, I believe that is just that, commercialism.  I don't believe Christmas is about how many gifts are under the tree, I believe it is about what is in the heart.

If you want to celebrate the commercial holiday, please feel free, our country could use the economic boost. If you want to celebrate the birth of Christ, again please feel free.  If you are Jewish and celebrating Hanukkah I am so happy for you and I hope that it is a wonderful festival of lights for you.  If you chose to celebrate nothing, and simply live your everyday life, again I wish you love and happiness. All I ask is the same in return.

The rain has stopped for a minute, my gluhwein is cooling, the Christmas candy is almost ready to scoop out. I pray for this holiday season that those with disdain and inflexibility in their hearts will learn that the only way we succeed is to love our fellow man.

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