Monday, December 22, 2014

relaxing to the rain...

The rain is pouring down in a steady rhythm.  We can always use it, so I am not complaining, but this close to Christmas I sure wish it was snow! Although as I still have a few more things to pick up, I guess I should be thankful it isn't.

I really hate when I even make a list and I forget things.  The only thing I hate more, shopping!  I am not a shopper, not my thing. Especially this close to Christmas.  Have to admit though, I went to our Walmart near my new home... and we all know how I felt about the Walmart by my old one... yesterday.  It was actually a pleasant experience.  People were sweet and helpful, there were no lines, it was like being in the twilight zone.

It's pretty quiet in the house this morning, so I am guessing my youngest and his buddy stayed at sister's last night.  I love that they are so close. It makes me so happy to see those two together.  It looked like at least one of the twins might have shown up too.  I am sure they had a great little reunion party without us old folks around.

I am almost finished with the last minute projects, things that I have been planning, but have been far to busy to tackle.  I am enjoying this slower pace.  I've needed it. Keeping up with everything has been wearing me down a bit, almost to the point of fear.  I have had some really tough bouts with my FMS over the years and never want to get there again.  Learning my boundaries has helped.  Respecting those boundaries is something I am not so good at.

I am going to kick back and watch a few Christmas shows and catch up on other programs that I enjoy but haven't had time to watch. Do a bit more crocheting.  Then I think I will wrap some presents, bake a few cookies, make a few more candies, light a fire and probably before it is all said and done have some Gluhwein.  It's really not Christmas without it!

It looks like the hubs is starting to turn the corner, he was walking around the bedroom again this morning. And as big as our bedroom is, that is a bit of a feat. I can hear the television now, so I know he's awake and staying put.  I wish he had done that to begin with, I am sure both of us could have lived without this past week.  Superman, sometimes forgets how major of a surgery hip replacement is.  I don't believe he will forget again, ever.

Well it's time to get back to work... I enjoy playing elf....