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Where is Christmas???

I simply do not get it!  My son sent me a link late last night.  As I looked at it, I felt ill.  Seven deaths and 88 injuries reported yesterday.  All caused by Black Friday shopping.  I am confused and distraught over this.  A teen fell asleep at the wheel driving home from Black Friday shopping.  Was anything she bought worth the fact that now her family will never have her there for another holiday?

Or the stabbings, beatings and other stupidity over parking spaces at Walmart?  Did the guy at Target need to be shot carrying home his television?

I refuse to participate in the frenzy of gift buying that happens on Black Friday.  I refuse to turn such a beautiful time of goodwill into something crass, ugly and mean spirited.  I did have to go out for a minute or two yesterday.  We actually ended up going to four shops.  I had been so busy earlier in the week that I had neglected to plan. 

Shame on me. 

I needed supplies to finish orders, dead lines cannot wait.  I live within two mile…

Black Friday... I think not!

Sun slowly rising, sleepy eyes from a "long winter's nap" (I will take 8 hours anytime I can get it!), steaming hot coffee, peace and quiet, a snuggly cat and a big comfy chair yep... that is how I do Black Friday!

I hate shopping as a general rule there is no way on earth that I am getting up and going out to subject myself to the misery (yes that is how it appears to me) of shopping with hundreds of my non-closest friends. 

I tried it once.  For me... no go! Now I will brave the crowds at Strange Folk or another quality craft show. But there is nothing my family or I need that is worth doing that.  Oh I do need to go out later today, and I will.  I need a zipper for hubby's coat, a few balls of yarn, some buttons and ribbon, some water and Amp.  That is it.  Sadly that equals two stops, but I am okay with that.

I am a traditionalist.  When I saw tons of cars and police cars at so many stores on my drive home from my daughters house last night it really made me sad.…

In an instant....

There is a car sitting on the lot outside our building.  It's an old Ford Escort. The color is simply black primer, it is meticulously clean for a car of its age and use.  I mean clean in a pure clinical sense.  Not like Hubby means it when he is talking about a "trailer queen".

That old primer black Ford, is held together with Bondo, duck tape and screws.  The seats are covered in plastic wrap over the soft cushions that cover the threadbare seats and springs.  There is not so much as a spot of dust or dirt inside that well worn, but obviously well cared for vehicle. 

It's owner was just as much of a character.  His personality was bold and vibrant.  He was a tiny frail appearing man.  But that was in appearance only, he was one tough fellow.  For hours he would do push ups and punch that heavy bag.  His grunts as he pounded on it echoing through the upper levels of the building.  Yeah, he might have appeared frail, but that was a complete deception.

Snippets of h…

Snippets and bits...

There is a solid coating of frost on the windows, the garden is officially done for the year, and sadly we have no snow!  I am ready for a bit of the white stuff!  I don't mind cold weather, in fact I do best in it (strangely enough I don't hurt as much in the cold).  But if I am going to have dark gray skies, with heavy laden clouds, well... I want snow!

Since I didn't get any snow, I did the next best thing... I stayed inside all weekend and never even got out of my jammies.  It was such a productive weekend, so many projects finished.  Quality time with both my kids, Hubby tidied the house and watched a ton of movies. And I simply existed!  I really need that sometimes.

The queen sized quilt is done.  It only took about six hours, I am guessing.  I spent nine hours working on it, but I took a lot of breaks.  I am quite happy with how it turned out.  I hope the owner is too.  I also finished four sets of wristers, four snowmen hats, and started a fifth.  I am rapidly wor…

sadness... what is happening?

Good morning.  I am so sorry that I haven't been posting.  I have really been struggling.  It is hard to write anything when your head is mixed up and too much is running through it.  I have been observing. 

And feeling sad. 

In this time of Thanksgiving, when people should be thankful and blessed.  It seems like more and more people aren't.  I am struggling to find that happy place.  To find people that are feeling and doing just that.

I am sad. 

Sad for my country, sad for my state, sad for people I know, sad for what I keep seeing around me, just sad.

I know first hand why I hate "Obamacare", Hubby and I lost all of our doctors as a result, still waiting to see how much my monthly payments go up. I know that luckily my plan was grandfathered, but no one else can get that plan, and who knows how long we will get to keep ours.  I know so many that are now facing insurance costs that they cannot believe, rising so much.  But hey it's okay, it's just for the…

I am a Christmas Addict...

Okay, I admit it... I am one of those freaks that can listen to Christmas time any time of the year.  And I love when the local stations switch to all Christmas music.  Oh I admit that some genre's drive me insane, but shouldn't we all have those beautiful melodies however we like them?  I try so hard to be respectful of folks that don't like Christmas music, I really do.  I limit my listening so that it doesn't offend or aggravate anyone, although I truly do not know how you could not love Christmas music!!

It's calming to me.  Maybe it is the simple reminder of what the season and holiday is about, maybe it is about the gift it represents to me.  It's possible that it is reminds my heart to be generous and giving.  I don't know, but it is a surefire way to calm me and center me.

Although I do have to admit that the house in full Christmas lights last night while driving home was a bit jarring to me.  I do try to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.…

Time for a Reset!

So... that quilt... yeah quilting and me were not friends today.  It simply wasn't going to happen.  I tried... but after ripping it out three times, giving myself a backache, and about having a complete meltdown, I decided it wasn't worth the frustration today.

Came upstairs, fixed a coffee and started to knit.  I never did look at my horoscope today, but I am fairly certain under creativity it said "horrid, run, avoid at all costs!"  I had 4 more rows on that set of wristers and was luckily able to finish.

My sweet hubby heard my meltdown, knew that I was loosing it, saw that even though there were fluffy clouds the temperature was in the high sixties and it was looking like a motorcycle kind of day.

Quickly getting dressed, getting ready to head outside and we heard it... rain!  Where did that come from?  Seriously?  This day was not getting better! Three frustrating hours fighting with quilting, the slowest 4 rows known to man trying to finish a wrister, I was si…

A rambling mind on a breezy day...

Waking up to the soft twinkle of wind chimes and the smell of coffee is really not a bad way to start a Sunday!  It's unseasonably warm so we have the attic fan on and the windows open. Not even 6:00 am and the temperature is already 65 degrees.  Did someone trick Mother Nature?  It is the later half of November already!

I am enjoying it though.  I haven't had time to get my leaves raked nor put the garden to bed.  I seriously need to do something about my lack of time management skills.  I can't seem to tell people no when they are wanting or needing a special something to give as a gift.  And my poor house shows it.  I love to make things, I am passionate about creating.  Maybe not so passionate about chores. This could start to become a problem.

Today is going to be a busy one, I probably shouldn't have played most of yesterday with mini-me.  This coming week is packed solid, so the stuff that I normally do on Monday mornings will have to get done today.  I will be…

Savoring the Simple things!

Sometimes... simple is the best.  After dinner last night with our oldest two and my beautiful grand baby the weekend got off to a great start!  Quality time with my kiddo's is always the best thing on my list!  I love the laughter, the conversation, the smiles and happiness!

We had plotted to steal our grand baby... it's been weeks and we missed her!  Lots! She'd had her hair cut, the color changed, celebrated Halloween and we'd missed it all! We live just far enough apart to make it difficult.  So we conspired, plotted and stole her!  Gramma and Grampa have to win sometimes.

Today was a really awesome class at our Y.  It was a sewing class to make pajama bottoms taught by one of our volunteers. And I wanted her to go with me... a few pleading calls to mom and we got her!

After dropping Hubby off at Savers last night, Uncle and I took her shopping.  She had her heart set on something Christmas, because she loves Christmas.  After much searching, a bit or worry because…

Spinning away a Cold...

I have been very bad about posting... work, a cold and a minor flare, have all conspired to give me the give-a-darns about everything.

I have simply wanted to curl up in a ball and rest.  Luckily, it feels like the cold is moving on, either that or the medicine has me completely fooled.  And that is a distinct possibility!  I can admit that I am really glad today is Friday, even if I am going to "work" tomorrow.  Although I am strictly going to play!

Before finding this miserable cold laying around in Kansas City, I was able to get 8 ounces of the softest, most beautiful wool spun.  Now even though there are projects on the needles and things I need to do, I am wanting to create something with it.  I don't know what... just something.  Anything!  It is such a beautiful color with the softest drape, I love playing with beautiful things.  Freckleberry, you will not have to wait for long.

After finding this cold, I could have done without it ya know, I only managed to spin …