Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time for a Reset!

So... that quilt... yeah quilting and me were not friends today.  It simply wasn't going to happen.  I tried... but after ripping it out three times, giving myself a backache, and about having a complete meltdown, I decided it wasn't worth the frustration today.

Came upstairs, fixed a coffee and started to knit.  I never did look at my horoscope today, but I am fairly certain under creativity it said "horrid, run, avoid at all costs!"  I had 4 more rows on that set of wristers and was luckily able to finish.

My sweet hubby heard my meltdown, knew that I was loosing it, saw that even though there were fluffy clouds the temperature was in the high sixties and it was looking like a motorcycle kind of day.

Quickly getting dressed, getting ready to head outside and we heard it... rain!  Where did that come from?  Seriously?  This day was not getting better! Three frustrating hours fighting with quilting, the slowest 4 rows known to man trying to finish a wrister, I was simply feeling so stressed and the tension was outrageous! My arms, neck, back were so tight that I wanted to cry and now it was raining?! Yep... pretty sure it was time to crawl in bed and cry.

Yep there are several buildings over there...
 Hubby derailed that thought process... he took me out for lunch as we watched the pouring rain, winds so strong that we actually saw a tree on someone's car in the next lot.  In the middle of lunch we got a text from our oldest... seems parts of her roof were in her backyard.  She lives west of us, and she was right in the path of a nasty storm.  For another hour we had some nasty rain and high winds.

Bumming around Barnes and Nobles for a bit, looking for a few books (they had none of them - disappointing -  par for the path of the day) and browsing magazines (hoping to recharge those creative juices - yep - no luck!) we strolled outside to see what appeared to be a beautiful spring day minus anything green! Temps had hit the 70's, rain was gone, the only thing left to remind us of the mess was an incredibly strong wind.

An hour later...

Hubby was all over it, like a duck on a June bug as he says.  Taking us directly home and getting out the motorcycle.  He was determined to restart my day and get it back on track.  I love this man!! He always senses these things, he has a sixth sense where I am concerned and he manages to find the missing piece and put the puzzle back together.

I have to admit, I was a bit unsure of riding. I knew the storm had passed, but that wind... That was unnerving.  Hubby was sure it would be fine and off we went. Hard to believe sunny and warm in the later half of November.  It was amazing, absolutely amazing!

Several hours, a couple of incredibly strong Jack n' Cokes and a wander around the flea market later, we ran out of daylight and warmth.  It was time to go home.  We ended the fun by sitting on our front porch kicking at the leaves (that will wait for another day) loving on our dogs.
Shhh... he didn't know I was watching him get ready to ride...
Reset complete!  Sunshine, laughter, giggles, holding on tight and enjoying the ride... he really does know how to make me happy, even when I don't know what will make things better for me.  I never did pick up my needles, I didn't quilt anything, I never cooked, but I got two loads of laundry done, my mood got reset and I laughed.  I feel better now, tomorrow I will pick up those things I couldn't do today.

Looking out at the full moon tonight, I know it is all okay!