Savoring the Simple things!

Sometimes... simple is the best.  After dinner last night with our oldest two and my beautiful grand baby the weekend got off to a great start!  Quality time with my kiddo's is always the best thing on my list!  I love the laughter, the conversation, the smiles and happiness!
A Princess Arrived at work... making Papa jealous!

Haha... letting me know she'd found him too!

Mama is ignoring all of us... she is up to no good!
We had plotted to steal our grand baby... it's been weeks and we missed her!  Lots! She'd had her hair cut, the color changed, celebrated Halloween and we'd missed it all! We live just far enough apart to make it difficult.  So we conspired, plotted and stole her!  Gramma and Grampa have to win sometimes.
Why yes... Hubby does know how to make the girl smile!

Excitement uncontained!
Today was a really awesome class at our Y.  It was a sewing class to make pajama bottoms taught by one of our volunteers. And I wanted her to go with me... a few pleading calls to mom and we got her!

After dropping Hubby off at Savers last night, Uncle and I took her shopping.  She had her heart set on something Christmas, because she loves Christmas.  After much searching, a bit or worry because we couldn't find any Christmas fleece, we finally did it!  We found a beautiful Christmas tree fabric that made her happy!

Driving back over to Savers I asked if someone could call Grampa, thinking he would love the call to be from her.  She smiled and said "I can't.  I only have Gramma and AT&T in my phone, and I don't call AT&T"... oh my if that didn't make my night! One quick call by me later we had Hubby and were heading home for Angel time! 

We didn't stay up too late, she was so excited to get to learn to sew and actually wanted to go to bed early.  She was so tired from being up early for school that she feel asleep really quickly.

Pining down the pattern

turning it right side out

First fitting... Thanks for the help!

Putting in the waist band...
Hemming the legs...

taking after Mama in the excitement category!

Off for a lunch date with Grampa... gonna wear my jammies!
As we headed out this morning she was saying how much she wanted to learn to sew and was so excited!  Three hours later, little Miss Thing was dancing and celebrating in her new pajama bottoms.  I was so proud of her when she gathered the other two little girls to do some coloring and letter writing to Santa after they were finished sewing.  Her natural leadership qualities shining through.

Mom struck back and talked her into coming home tonight, although I was looking forward to another evening with her.  I hate to let her go, but I know that little princess that only has Gramma and now Grampa in her cell phone, will be back.  We will make more wonderful memories and I will cherish each and every one of them!

Hubby is sleeping, he's managed to catch a bug, so sadly he didn't get to have as much fun as I did.  She'd already gone home when he woke up briefly.  Tomorrow he will sleep and I will quilt.  I have a quilt to get finished for someone.  It is beautiful, the other mystery quilt.  WOW!  I wasn't sure, those colors were so bold, not like me at all, but WOW!  It is so beautiful, so gorgeous, I hope I can do it justice.

Well, the rain that was promised has finally arrived and I think I am going to finish up a couple of projects before I head off to bed myself.  I hope that everyone has had time for some simple things.  A moment or two to enjoy the day with their family, to laugh with a child or learn something new.  Those are the things that create wonderful memories!

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