Friday, November 8, 2013

Leave my clock alone!

The best part of Daylight Savings...
I would like to go on the record stating that I hate daylight savings time!  I am sure there was a time and a place for it in someone's mind.  But in this day of electric lights, 24 hour stores, etc... well I have to say I feel it is out of place and time.  In fact I do believe it messes with my electric bills even more.  Not to mention what it does to my sleep patterns for days on end.

Here it is four am and I am awake, I've been awake for over an hour.  Now not all of that is linked to the time change.  Except that I naturally wake up around 4:30/5:00 in the morning anyhow.  It rarely matters when I manage to fall asleep, that is simply when it will be time to wake up.  Okay, not a problem, unless the daylight savings time has occurred.  Then I am up even earlier in the fall, and feeling sleep deprived in the Spring.  Not to mention that night all the sudden falls in the middle of the afternoon.

If I wasn't the kind of person that really requires four seasons, then I would have to admit that Arizona was sounding tempting. I have discovered I have a strong need for all four seasons, I am not someone that thrives with just two or three.  And I am fairly certain that Arizona, simply has hot and hotter.

Today the reason I am up so early probably has more to do with the two big dogs that were cold and cuddled up with mommy, without realizing they were literally pushing me out of bed.  And a hubby with a slight head cold snoring.  Those two things combined with the stupid time change have ganged up on me to insure that I am awake at an unholy hour.

Not how I planned to start a nice 6 days off. The game plan was to sleep in, clean up the house, get a nice dinner planned and cooking, do the laundry, finish the hat I am working on, finish my mystery quilt, write my blog, plan my Christmas list, etc... maybe even start filling out my Christmas cards so they were ready to mail. 

Okay, so maybe I have a relaxation problem... but those things all make me happy! So I guess that I am just going to get started a bit earlier than planned... what makes it worse, is that I was supposed to open for one of my staff today, and one of my peers said they would do it, so I could enjoy my "Friday" after working so many straight days.  And here I am awake... such sadness...

 So who's with me?  Let's start a movement... pick a time and stay with it!!