Friday, November 15, 2013

Spinning away a Cold...

I have been very bad about posting... work, a cold and a minor flare, have all conspired to give me the give-a-darns about everything.

I have simply wanted to curl up in a ball and rest.  Luckily, it feels like the cold is moving on, either that or the medicine has me completely fooled.  And that is a distinct possibility!  I can admit that I am really glad today is Friday, even if I am going to "work" tomorrow.  Although I am strictly going to play!

Before finding this miserable cold laying around in Kansas City, I was able to get 8 ounces of the softest, most beautiful wool spun.  Now even though there are projects on the needles and things I need to do, I am wanting to create something with it.  I don't know what... just something.  Anything!  It is such a beautiful color with the softest drape, I love playing with beautiful things.  Freckleberry, you will not have to wait for long.

After finding this cold, I could have done without it ya know, I only managed to spin 4 ounces.  It is even more beautiful (if that is possible) and I wish I had bought more of it at the time, sadly I simply wasn't sure I could see it's finished beauty at the time. But I do believe there is plenty for a hat, or a mobius, or maybe a set of wristers.  It's simply breathtaking, and perfectly named.  Happy Place.

My wheel sure didn't want to let me finish that one.  I am still a tad cranky at it.  The tension band snapped several times and finally gave up.  If I hadn't been feeling so miserable and looking at that beautiful bag full of fibers just waiting to be, I am fairly certain it would not have created the childish meltdown I had.  But throw a tantrum I did.  My frustration level was off the charts.  Hindsight being twenty-twenty... it was all good.  I needed to rest, so it just forced me to do so.

Hubby and I managed to stretch a 4.5 hour trip home into almost 9 hours neither of us was really wanting to drive so far without a few stops.  First stop took us to the Harley Davidson Factory.  How could we be so close and not stop in?  It was really interesting. We both sat on a few of the sample bikes, and I discovered that I am no where near tall enough to even consider being able to ride one of the models they make there.  I will stick to being a passenger.

We had lunch at a Mongolian Grill, Hubby proposed to me the last time we had ate at one.  Ours closed shortly thereafter. Seemed every place we went in KC had fried oreo's on the menu and inquiring minds need to know... so we tried them.  I am going to say, skip that particular dessert... ewwww...

I didn't even manage to complete a set of wristers on the drive back.  I simply wasn't feeling up to it.  Yesterday it was all about work, and today ... well we will see what today brings?

Just when I was feeling at my lowest yesterday, the cold seriously winning out on all else, struggling to get through the task at hand.  Wondering if my career choice really made a difference in anyone's life, feeling like I was doing stuff simply out of habit and really not making a difference at all....When one of our members came by my office to repeat to me the story he had just been sharing in the lobby.  I almost cried, because it was so awesome to hear "I love this Y, it is my second home, in fact it is my son's second home too.  In fact I think that because of this Y my son stayed out of trouble and is in college now." Wow! Just WOW! That is what makes it worth it!

Today, with a slightly clearer head I will tackle the day, maybe being that difference for another.  And wait for my grand baby to show up!