Saturday, November 2, 2013

Upside Down, Downside Up?

 Whew, what a day!  It started out at a full run and didn't slow down until about 30 minutes ago.  The racing feeling inside is slowly starting to cool down.  I am thinking about making a cup of tea, just so I can sleep.

Not much sleep last night, picked my guy up from the train station after his trip to Chicago and simply couldn't go to sleep for wanting to hear all about his travels and adventure.  Then I ended up sleeping through the alarm this morning.  Yikes!  Not a good thing, given that this was going to be a busy day from the minute I woke up, and I had just lost 52 minutes to start the day.

Rushing around to make cookies and soup to take with me for my class today, worrying that I would not get everything done. Feeling my day was spinning out of control before it even started.  How very stressful! Hubby to the rescue...

He helped me load everything, he drove me to work and helped me to unload everything and get my building completely ready to go for the day.  All before rushing off himself to watch the oldest of the twins run, hoping to make State again.

Then there was the mystery quilt class.  Five women had signed up, but due to various reasons it ended up only being two.  We sure had plenty to snack on and time to work.  I kept getting called away, which was frustrating, but I knew it was a serious possibility when I scheduled the class.  We didn't get finished, but I will post pictures as soon as I get them.  All of us picked very different fabrics and one sweet new "friend" even chose to make the queen size, instead of the lap size.  I cannot wait to see that one, the colors are so brilliant and bold. Unlike any colors I have seen chosen. I am excited to see how it turns out.  My favorite quilting buddy "S" was there too, and ironically she chose almost the identical colors that were my second choice.  I opted for snowmen and snowy fabrics, but the red/green and holly were calling my name, I just ignored them.

Deb stopped in to check out the location of her upcoming class.  And amidst piles of fabric, snippets of thread and a bit of laughter we came up with a series of classes that she is willing to donate her skills and talents to teach!  I am simply beside myself with excitement about that!

Wild phone calls, crazy drives, stress, laughter and chaos later, I am now sitting in my living room calming down.  My nerves aren't snapping, the sharp edges mellowing. Shortly I will head to bed, tomorrow is another busy day.  With work, quilting and finding time for those I love and miss spending time with...

What a day... I even managed to miss my cousin's online party... bummed out about that... but tonight I get to gain an additional hour of sleep and tomorrow is another day!