Black Friday... I think not!

Sun slowly rising, sleepy eyes from a "long winter's nap" (I will take 8 hours anytime I can get it!), steaming hot coffee, peace and quiet, a snuggly cat and a big comfy chair yep... that is how I do Black Friday!

I hate shopping as a general rule there is no way on earth that I am getting up and going out to subject myself to the misery (yes that is how it appears to me) of shopping with hundreds of my non-closest friends. 

I tried it once.  For me... no go! Now I will brave the crowds at Strange Folk or another quality craft show. But there is nothing my family or I need that is worth doing that.  Oh I do need to go out later today, and I will.  I need a zipper for hubby's coat, a few balls of yarn, some buttons and ribbon, some water and Amp.  That is it.  Sadly that equals two stops, but I am okay with that.

I am a traditionalist.  When I saw tons of cars and police cars at so many stores on my drive home from my daughters house last night it really made me sad. Maybe it is because I grew up on military bases so far removed from that, or in European communities where stores close early (never open 24 hours), half day on Saturday and never on Sunday.  Where family and community are important and the consumerism isn't.  You plan ahead and then do without if you forgot.

The sun setting as we head into the unknown territory!

Since Tuesday I have simply had such a great time!  Work was sprinkled in, but that was it.  My girls and I had a date on Tuesday night to get our hair done.  My daughter has a friend that is a hairdresser, and I was needing a bit done, when a bun is the best style you can come up with it's time to trim at least.   She picked me up from work and off we went.  I felt like I should have been hearing dueling banjo's.  This place was seriously in the sticks, there wasn't even a street light.  Just the faint glow of two fluorescent bulbs struggling to stay lit in the cold.  It wasn't flashy and glitzy, it was homey and friendly.  My sweet little grand daughter was fed cupcakes and there was laughter and chatter all around.  If you have ever seen Steel Magnolia's then you know exactly the kind of salon it was.

Resting and watching a movie while we get our hair done
Keeping self entertained just beyond the elephant!

Taking a picture of Gramma, and being silly
After our appointment and the long drive back, at least to my house, the four of us went for dinner at the most charming little Mexican place.  I don't as a rule do Mexican food, it tends to not like me, this was delicious.  The waiter was so polite and delightful, his accent beautiful.  He did everything to make sure everyone was happy and loved their meals. It was a perfect end to the day.

Wednesday involved taking grand baby for her annual trip to the Fabulous Fox Theater, Grandpa and I have done it since she was little, she was two or three the first time we took her and she fell asleep. Now we have created a little monster that needs a steady diet of live musicals to survive! This time it wasn't Grampa and me though... it was her mom and I and it was truly fabulous!!  We've been trying to get Mom to go forever, but she wouldn't.  For some reason she decided she would go this time. I am so glad she did. 
So precious!

Styling for her night at the Fox!

Dinner for three
Dinner with my girls, both dolled up and ready for a party, and then Sister Act on stage.  It was perfect! Grand baby was mesmerized, her little shoulders moving with every song.  Momma was smiling and enjoying it too. And I was delighted to be sitting between my two favorite girls, enjoying them both!! As we were leaving, walking past the orchestra pit, my sweet little one as charming as can be thanked the conductor for a great movie!  At seven I guess that is a perfect reference for her.  He smiled so big and thanked her for coming.  She'd told everyone who would listen that she had been to the Fox many times before and listed all the shows she'd seen.  It was simply perfect.

My girls!

The trees at the Fabulous Fox
My girls!

We were blessed to be able to snatch her for the night so Mom could enjoy some pre-holiday fun with her friends. And when we got home she regaled Grampa who woke up to visit with her, of her evening as she enjoyed a late snack before bed.  She was so excited.  She'd taken pictures of the High School choir that was singing on the steps before the show, and told us that some day she will be on that stage.
Grand baby singing with her cookie
As her curls were drooping and her eyelids getting heavy I tucked her into bed. She is so precious, she makes her Grampa and I so very happy!

Yesterday was like the perfect conclusion to a trio of events.  I don't do Thanksgiving anymore, my girl does and she does it great! So I made a pie and green bean casserole and over the river and through the woods to daughters house we did go.

Sweetie pie was sick, not a happy thing.  But one of my sister's, her hubby and daughter showed up and one of the twins. Son, daughters, grand baby (sick as can be) how can it be more perfect! Hubby and I both love being surrounded by our family.  It was wonderful!  The way a holiday should be.

Brother and Sister crashed watching football

Is daughter burning evidence? Or simply starting a fire?

Hubby didn't make it long either...
I am so thankful for the wonderful loving children that I can proudly say are mine.  Their hearts are so big and the love they give unbelievable!  For me... surrounded by loved ones, laughing, talking and sharing is how a holiday, or any day for that matter, should be. 

Today... no, I'm not tackling Black Friday... today I am cleaning up my house and yard, putting up Christmas decorations will start, maybe even starting on my Christmas cards - I love to send and receive them - and I will work on holiday orders, while the turkey, I am cooking for our house, is roasting in the oven.  The peace of the holiday is much more important to me than rushing from store to store.

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