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Auld Lang Syne

It's about fifteen minutes before my family back east celebrates the beginning of yet another year... We've still got an hour and fifteen to go here in my neck of the woods.  For the first time since I have lived here we don't have to get up early tomorrow.  Both Hubby and I will stay home and enjoy a day off.  One would think we might be celebrating... One would be wrong.

Our kids are off doing what 20 somethings do as an old year fades and a new one full of hope and promise dances in with great excitement!  I never really got into that and it's been a long time since I have seen midnight arrive in my own time zone. I usually celebrate one of the times in Europe and find myself sleeping blissfully through the noise makers, fireworks and excitement outside. 

Hubs has been in bed for a bit and I am curled up on my sofa in my warm jammies watching a minute or two of  New Years Eve in New York.  I have been working on a project for my son, and enjoying the night. 

Soon I …


As 2013 slowly creeps off, 2014 shimmering in the distance, I feel a strong urge to start fresh.  Is that something we are programmed for?  Was it something my parents trained me to do? 

I remember as a kid the ritual room cleaning that had to happen.  It was always right after Christmas, before any "new" stuff could be introduced to our rooms, we had to clean out the old.  Go through the closets, what clothes fit, or didn't, what we hadn't or wouldn't wear, all put into boxes for either donations or to hand down to cousins and friends.

After the closets we moved on to the toy boxes and later (once we had outgrown toy boxes) just our stash of stuff.  Everything had to be gone through.  There was a method to the madness.  If we hadn't used it, it needed to go.  Occasionally it was put aside for a yard sale or something else, usually it was donated.

I just always assumed it was because we were military and you only had a certain weight allowance when you moved a…

Welcome to my Snowglobe!

Sorry to have been away so long...

This is one tired elf, hard to believe it is only three days past Christmas! I have been crazy busy for weeks.  Some of it for me, some of it for others, a lot of it self-inflicted by my inability to ever say no.  I love to help others be able to make smiles happen.  Absolutely love it! Two days before Christmas my hands were seriously starting to talk to me. 

I have been to far too many memorial services and wakes in the past few weeks.  Celebrated lives lived fully, and mourned those gone far too soon. I've said so many prayers for those that are near and dear to me, and for complete strangers struggling  with losses and health problems this past holiday season.

I have savored moments with my family that will never come again.  Laughed at the insanity, enjoyed the chaos.  Snatched quiet moments with hubby to sneak out for a random motorcycle ride when the temperature has reached an unseasonable high, and snuggled on the couch with hubby and so…

It's not in the presents... it's in your heart...

These mad weather shifts are sure making mornings rough. Living in the Mid-west is a unique experience.  You don't know what kind of weather is going to be waiting for us.  And it is entirely possible to have at least two or three seasons in one week.

Right now this insanity is making life hard.  I have so much to do and I am struggling to make the old body work.  Lots of orders to finish, a house to decorate, a craft show this coming Saturday and a BUSY week ahead... and I have hands that are not liking life.  Heck even typing is not feeling so great.  After the holidays I am definitely going to need to slow it down a bit.

I am also struggling with feeling like the Grinch.  We went out to pick up a couple of things yesterday.  The darn fiber fetish cat managed to lose my crochet hook mid-hat when he pulled it all out of the bag to make out with it.  He sure is crazy about the full skeins of yarn... it's so odd! And hubby has a quilt he's working on and needed more suppli…

It's just a bit of snow...

Brrrr.... it's a quiet, cold morning... just perfect.  Folks are still at home sleeping, not rushing down the streets, so I can actually hear the tick, tick, tick of my clock on the wall. Faintly I can hear the sounds of hubby's television down in his man-cave. I have a busy day ahead, so I am enjoying this quiet and peaceful start. 

I was so amazed at the number of people that didn't go to work yesterday.  It was unbelievable.  Anything for a day off, because yesterday sure didn't warrant it. Heck in the city we barely needed salt on the sidewalks.  Yet, the streets were barren of cars and folks hid behind their closed doors afraid of the cold.

I will give you it was a bit chilly, the teens are always a bit too cool for some folks.  But... seriously? 

I feel like we've created a caricature of ourselves.  Are we wimps?  At home in Pennsylvania folks are still living their lives and wading through deep snow to go to work. We get a dusting and close up the streets? …

Oh the weather outside is...

The first "snow" of the season has fallen.  It isn't much... just the faintest dusting by Erie standards. It looks like someone shook a shaker of powder sugar over the yard.  But here in the Mid-west it's brought life to a virtual standstill.  Schools are cancelled everywhere, the military base has let "non-essential" people stay home... and I can still see grass!

I am thinking heaven forbid we had a snow event like they used to have in the 90's. When did we become so wimpy? This isn't really a snow event, in fact, even in the heaviest hit areas it's only about four inches.  I am pretty sure that we can handle it.  You bundle up a bit more, you drive a bit slower and you don't look for a short cut out of life. 

I would hate to be called a non-essential person, if I am important enough employ shouldn't I be important enough if there are two inches of snow? I would worry about my future if that was the case.

I love snow, the more snow th…

It's just one week...

Why is it a one week shift in the holiday schedules and my life goes in the can?  It's one week... but it sure makes life hectic.  Here it is Thursday and I am carving out a minute.  And what a week it's been.

I was blessed to see one of my "kids" from Germany for about 30 minutes on their cross country trek to their new home.  She brought her sweet baby girl for me to meet and her hubby!  It makes me so happy to see how good her life has turned out and to see her beautiful smile at both of them.  That just made my day! That was Monday...

Tuesday I got to spend time with my boy helping him find all the information that it needed to fill out a full security clearance form.  Whew... good thing I hold on to things.  And even then we needed a few "life lines".  He had a point when he said "why do they need all of this... the NSA already has it all!" That form is the devil and definitely ate up some serious hours... but it's the first step in the …

So confused...

Interesting... just over two months ago our insurance company dropped all of our doctors.  Everyone of them gone.  We didn't check mail yesterday, guess we should have the news was quite interesting.  Seems that all of the sudden our insurance is being accepted by all of our doctors again. 

Now I wonder... does this have anything at all to do with that nasty bit of legislation formerly known as "Obamacare"?  You know the one that he now calls "Affordable Care Act"... or maybe, just maybe it has a lot more to do with good old capitalism vs. corporate greed?  A lot of people in this area have United Healthcare, a LOT... and when they "dropped" an entire hospital and all doctors related to it and there are only two on this side of the river, is it possible that it was hitting them financially?

I am not sure how to feel about this change.

I am glad to have all of my doctors back.  It isn't that we need them often, but it's like a well worn sweate…

Where is Christmas???

I simply do not get it!  My son sent me a link late last night.  As I looked at it, I felt ill.  Seven deaths and 88 injuries reported yesterday.  All caused by Black Friday shopping.  I am confused and distraught over this.  A teen fell asleep at the wheel driving home from Black Friday shopping.  Was anything she bought worth the fact that now her family will never have her there for another holiday?

Or the stabbings, beatings and other stupidity over parking spaces at Walmart?  Did the guy at Target need to be shot carrying home his television?

I refuse to participate in the frenzy of gift buying that happens on Black Friday.  I refuse to turn such a beautiful time of goodwill into something crass, ugly and mean spirited.  I did have to go out for a minute or two yesterday.  We actually ended up going to four shops.  I had been so busy earlier in the week that I had neglected to plan. 

Shame on me. 

I needed supplies to finish orders, dead lines cannot wait.  I live within two mile…

Black Friday... I think not!

Sun slowly rising, sleepy eyes from a "long winter's nap" (I will take 8 hours anytime I can get it!), steaming hot coffee, peace and quiet, a snuggly cat and a big comfy chair yep... that is how I do Black Friday!

I hate shopping as a general rule there is no way on earth that I am getting up and going out to subject myself to the misery (yes that is how it appears to me) of shopping with hundreds of my non-closest friends. 

I tried it once.  For me... no go! Now I will brave the crowds at Strange Folk or another quality craft show. But there is nothing my family or I need that is worth doing that.  Oh I do need to go out later today, and I will.  I need a zipper for hubby's coat, a few balls of yarn, some buttons and ribbon, some water and Amp.  That is it.  Sadly that equals two stops, but I am okay with that.

I am a traditionalist.  When I saw tons of cars and police cars at so many stores on my drive home from my daughters house last night it really made me sad.…