Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's not in the presents... it's in your heart...

Mainz at the base of the Cathedral
These mad weather shifts are sure making mornings rough. Living in the Mid-west is a unique experience.  You don't know what kind of weather is going to be waiting for us.  And it is entirely possible to have at least two or three seasons in one week.

Right now this insanity is making life hard.  I have so much to do and I am struggling to make the old body work.  Lots of orders to finish, a house to decorate, a craft show this coming Saturday and a BUSY week ahead... and I have hands that are not liking life.  Heck even typing is not feeling so great.  After the holidays I am definitely going to need to slow it down a bit.

I am also struggling with feeling like the Grinch.  We went out to pick up a couple of things yesterday.  The darn fiber fetish cat managed to lose my crochet hook mid-hat when he pulled it all out of the bag to make out with it.  He sure is crazy about the full skeins of yarn... it's so odd! And hubby has a quilt he's working on and needed more supplies.

Three hours later, we had a few more things off the old list, and both of us were crabby and stressed.  When did this time of year become about who could buy the most stuff?  I had a little old man in Bed, Bath and Beyond literally run me over in his quest to get a Keurig that they had on sale.  Pushed me right out of the aisle.  Really?  Is a coffee maker that important?
Looks like all of them are the same...
And unfortunately a trip to Wal-mart that couldn't be avoided was it's own special kind of horror show.

Is it asking too much for kindness, for people to remember the season is not about what you wrap and place under your tree?  It is about the greatest gift we've ever been given and it wasn't wrapped.  It's about love.

I hate wishing someone a Merry Christmas, and hearing "you too" back.  What??  You said two words to my two words, couldn't they have been appropriate?  Christmas is not about retail.  But somehow that is what it feels like.

I remember when I used to be able to watch sappy Christmas shows until my head spun... now... finding one is a challenge.

To me... it is time with my family.  It is love. It is charity (and no I did not put anything in the unmanned Salvation Army pot hanging there so forlornly with a big pad lock on it, it was too cold, just put your money in). It is about being a good and kind person to all you meet.  And it definitely should not last just one month but for the entire year.
I am less and less inclined to buy into the hype and more and more incline to hide, to create and give things that are from the heart or not at all.

Am I imagining this?  Or is it really becoming a holiday that is focused on who can bankrupt themselves buying the most?

I miss this...

I miss the sweet Christmas Market's, walking for hours in the cold, sipping Gluhwein or Hot Spiced Rum.  Munching on potato pancakes, hot chestnuts and potato pancakes. Buying gifts that were carefully considered and planned.  Hand blown glass ornaments, wooden treasures, beautiful handmade gifts from the heart. Soft carols being sung by a real choir, snow flakes falling as you enjoy all the people around doing the same exact thing.

The mall (yikes - there is a terrifying thought!), all the stores filled with people, it just isn't the same...

Our mall and yes it is that pathetic!

I don't want to be the Grinch, but I would love to see the magic of Christmas come back... I think I will make a pot of Gluhwein to enjoy today, while it is bitterly cold, put on some German carols and work on bringing Christmas to life here at home.