Sunday, December 1, 2013

So confused...

Interesting... just over two months ago our insurance company dropped all of our doctors.  Everyone of them gone.  We didn't check mail yesterday, guess we should have the news was quite interesting.  Seems that all of the sudden our insurance is being accepted by all of our doctors again. 

Now I wonder... does this have anything at all to do with that nasty bit of legislation formerly known as "Obamacare"?  You know the one that he now calls "Affordable Care Act"... or maybe, just maybe it has a lot more to do with good old capitalism vs. corporate greed?  A lot of people in this area have United Healthcare, a LOT... and when they "dropped" an entire hospital and all doctors related to it and there are only two on this side of the river, is it possible that it was hitting them financially?

I am not sure how to feel about this change.

I am glad to have all of my doctors back.  It isn't that we need them often, but it's like a well worn sweater on a cold day, you are thankful for the comfort of what you know.  It is reassuring to have doctors that you can trust, when you need them. 

I have had the wonderful uncertainty of government run healthcare.  I can testify with my entire heart that it is not something I ever want to experience again.  It wasn't that they were bad, ironically some of my current doctors were military doctors. It was the fact that the consistency wasn't there.  And that different personalities work differently together. 

I remember a pediatrician that had never been a parent.  She was always telling people what to do, based on books not first hand knowledge, and she was famous for prescribing antibiotics for everything.  I know several children that cannot hear the soft chirp of a baby bird or much of anything for that matter, because that was not the correct course of action.  Her word was law, and there was no arguing the point.

I could not stand that doctor.  I was thankful to leave and not have her near my children. 

That was the frustration that we were dealing with for two months.  A flare that I could not get treated, I couldn't find a new doctor that was accepting patients. A phone call could have fixed that before...

So... is this going to be a yearly issue?  Is it something to worry about annually?  If so why?  Because bureaucracy needs to control us?  Because of corporate greed? I mean after all the government wants control and the insurance companies are truly in it for the money. 

Still... I am confused as to why this has happened?  We all know the President cannot order any insurance company to do anything, that the law of the land is just that... the law of the land.  So... what is going on? 

Why do I all the sudden have my doctors back?  Is this a sad attempt to get me to remember that they gave back what they took away at election time?  I won't forget the pain that I did not have to endure.

Hmmm.... this is quite interesting... and seriously needs a bit more exploration... I am thankful that I work and can afford my insurance, I just wonder what is going on with it...