Welcome to my Snowglobe!

Sorry to have been away so long...

This is one tired elf, hard to believe it is only three days past Christmas! I have been crazy busy for weeks.  Some of it for me, some of it for others, a lot of it self-inflicted by my inability to ever say no.  I love to help others be able to make smiles happen.  Absolutely love it! Two days before Christmas my hands were seriously starting to talk to me. 

I have been to far too many memorial services and wakes in the past few weeks.  Celebrated lives lived fully, and mourned those gone far too soon. I've said so many prayers for those that are near and dear to me, and for complete strangers struggling  with losses and health problems this past holiday season.

I have savored moments with my family that will never come again.  Laughed at the insanity, enjoyed the chaos.  Snatched quiet moments with hubby to sneak out for a random motorcycle ride when the temperature has reached an unseasonable high, and snuggled on the couch with hubby and son watching movies and sipping gluwein when the snows were swirling and leaving us a beautiful winter scene to enjoy.

I never did finish decorating, somehow it didn't seem that important, in the hustle and bustle of insanity, the time with hubby, son and the girls when they could fit us in seemed far more important.  The tree, the Christmas village (so important) and a few odds and ends were all that managed to be unpacked this year.  Maybe next year...

Grand baby hosted an amazing Christmas Party with a special guest!

One last hug before Santa heads back North

Can't skip a hug from the big girl either!

So many hours were spent creating and working with hubby (my fellow elf) to create memories to keep.  No silly gifts for gifts sake, but things that were truly wanted, needed and valuable.  He created memory quilts for the two youngest... amazingly they seemed to love them!  Considering the fact that we have never given them a gift they used/took home, much less something they treasured, WOW!  That is pretty much all there is to say about that.   Hubby's skill has really improved and they turned out beautifully!  I hope they realize the love that went into them.

The smile says it all!

Great job Daddy!
Just before Christmas news arrived that will change out lives... As it simmers and brews we are learning to adjust to the change.  It is fantastic news, just not mine to share.  It is going to be hard, yet so wonderful!  I am still adjusting to that, and as it comes full circle I will share.

Yesterday I finally knit the final stitches on a gift for my oldest, blocking and a button and she will have it.  I had planned it to be finished Christmas Eve, but instead of going with my gut I followed the directions (okay that is something I never do!) and ended up not having enough yarn.  I had accepted a few last minute projects to help others out and ended up not starting it until last... It's okay, I know she will love it just the same.   And it will make her smile! Although I am already making some "policy" changes for next year... because I don't mind doing good for others, my family won't be last again.

Searching for the perfect Christmas Eve gift to open!
Christmas morning...
Wrapping paper coma... hey that blankie looks familiar

I'm a Christmas present too!  And I think I need more of those edible ones!
Hey Big Brother... wanna share this cozy blanket that you snatched from Mom??
After much unwrapping... what the?  Hey, wait this is SOOOOOOOO cool!!

Baby Bubby did AWESOME!!  I didn't think anyone was going to get me footie jammies!!!
Christmas Day at my girls house surrounded by family and friends put the bow on the quiet Christmas Eve and Morning we had spend just the three of us.  All together a wondrous and blessed day!

Hubby and his big girls

Yep... family together...

Great job Mama!
she slaved for hours over that turkey

Surrounded by treasures and treats
After dinner calm in front of a roaring fire, my babies unwind...
Yesterday afternoon, the whirlwind started to slow down, it should have been morning, but had a few issues at work that absorbed a full 6 hours of my vacation.  Talk about making me a grouch!  Sadly it was stupid stuff.  A couple of hours on the back of the motorcycle enjoying the odd warming definitely cleared that up. 

The snow in my snow globe is slowly drifting down to the bottom, there is a stillness that has been missing.  I stood outside this morning with my old dog (the one that makes my heart soar and who's winter slow down makes me hold my breath) looking up into the pure beauty of a cold winter sky.  Crisp, clear, with the sharp crystal pinpoints from the stars.  Feeling that it was time to start typing again, no pressing projects on the needles, no sharp deadlines nipping at my heels... just simple peaceful beauty.  A chance to wake up and start the day anew.

Hubby and I are getting ready to head out in a few hours, the temperatures will be warm enough to ride again today, so ride we will.  We're going to pack a picnic lunch in the saddlebags and head up the Great River Road... maybe we will be able to find a few Bald Eagles that have made an early return to Alton and Grafton or soaring high above Pere Marquette Park.  Tomorrow the bitter cold is planning to return, so we need to steal a few hours today.  Tonight will be a family dinner with us and the boy, curled up warm watching another episode or two of Sherlock Holmes... 

Welcome back... I'm so glad for the calming...

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