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a time to rest...

A fire roaring in the fireplace, the Bloody Mary bar is set up and so are the brunch snacks.  We are waiting on a friend that is also starting her vacation today to come over and visit.

Hubs and I have a lot of chores on our to do list, but we are trying really hard to balance it out this holiday vacation time.

I have really been enjoying this down time.

I officially started vacation on Friday.  I had a few things that needed my attention in the city of Friday, so I drove in and parked at my old building.  I wanted to take advantage of the walk and the opportunity to savor my adopted city.

She's an interesting old girl.  If you listen to the news, you would see us as a gun riddled, high crime area.  Where there are bars on windows and everyone is afraid to go out by themselves.  The real city is much more complicated and layered than that.

I won't deny that there are challenges.  Can someone please share with me any city occupied by humans that does not have challenges. I…

treasure the moments...

I'm snuggled up in one of my favorite chairs, it's dreary and drizzly outside (perfect fall weather!) and all that remains of last nights fire are the wood scraps that hubs dropped on the floor and a few ashes.

All in all, it's a perfect Sunday morning.  We bought some cranberry orange scones for breakfast yesterday.  That flavor combination might very well be one of my all time favorites.  Hubs is already finished with his breakfast and is down in the man cave listening to music. I'm a bit slower this morning, I feel like I might be fighting the cold that everyone and their brother had a week ago.  I don't intend to let it win, I never do.

This morning walking the boys was such a delight for the senses.  Our neighborhood is always slow to rise on Sunday, so it's a very peaceful time.  In fact it always reminds me of Christmas mornings.  It's quiet, there are very few lights on, no cars (excluding that darn paper delivery woman that flies through here), the…

flipping the switch...

I needed a moment to step away from the anger and fear that had been welling up inside me.  Watching the clip of Ms. Norma from the news did not make it better.  I know that tough old gal really well, I saw the fear - something I thought I would never witness.  I saw the glassiness of tears in her eyes.

I'm still upset.  I'm still questioning the stupidity that seems to be overwhelming our neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and our country at large. I feel an overwhelming need to hide.  I know I can't.  But I am sure that there is somewhere in this big, vast nation that stupidity is not the common denominator.

As I was struggling with the news about Ms. Norma, the closed group on Facebook that is our subdivision started blowing up.  Cars and garages were being ransacked and stolen from.  A few people had consequential losses.  A few lost a few dollars in change. Others simply suffered from general disarray.

Next I start getting emails from our local "Nextdoor"…

getting angrier...

I can't say that I am any less angry today.

I woke up to more calls for gun control.  I have my own theory on that, but guess what, it wouldn't have helped Ms. Norma.  She was shot with a BB gun.

Another one of my friends wrote that we need to discover the root.  The cause of the "evil" and "mental illness".  I don't disagree at all.  I'm wondering if we as a society are ready to rip those scabs off long festering wounds?  Are we ready to have an honest conversation?

Sadly, my faith in us as humans is not that strong right now, and my rose colored glasses seem to have developed a large crack in them. A few years ago on her birthday, one of my friends attended a ball game with her children.  One of her boys was shot, he will never walk again.  This week Ms. Norma was shot in the parking lot after doing some shopping.  Okay, it was a BB gun, and after surgery she will physically be okay.  That doesn't address the pain, suffering, mental anguish…

I'm pissed off...

In an instant things change.

A peaceful, beautiful fall day can quickly become filled with sadness and dread.

I'm sitting at the car dealership.  Hubs thought he had them detailing the interior, they are really detailing the exterior.  I'm okay with it either way.

Brought my chrome book, and several portable projects to work on.  Was chatting with Hubs, planning holiday gifts and meals, when I got the call.

It was my boss, so I wanted to be sure to take it.  As he wouldn't call me on vacation unless it was important.

It was.

I don't have details. I don't know the circumstances.  I am scared, worried and angry.

One of the sweetest women I know was somehow shot in the face last night.  She's the most dedicated, loving, tough woman I know.  She's in her 8th decade and still takes buses and walks to work, never missing a day in years, unless she was in the hospital.

Somehow, she was shot in the face last night.  From what I've learned she is okay, I guess…


It's been a busy few days.

Sitting here listening to the usual sounds is soothing. The washer is running, the boys are curled up on their respective sofas and I am sure that the cat is somewhere destroying something.

And I'm curled up in my beautiful old wing back chair in front of the bay window.  It's dreary and wet out.  The sunshine and warmth that we enjoyed in Alabama, far away.  Most of the trees are starting to be barren, while we were away the neighbor's tree shed a ton of leaves.  I know this because they always end up in our yard.  If they weren't such a vibrant red, that I find so cheery, I'd probably be upset at the additional work.

I still have two days off, I'm burning up the vacation that I was too busy to use earlier in the year. Hubs used a bit of his, so he had to go into work.  While I enjoy spending time with him, I am looking forward to the peaceful day ahead.  I've already pre-warned him. I'm not doing anything I don't w…


I don't usually write twice in one day.

I feel compelled to do so tonight.

In the late afternoon sun, Hubs and I made our way to the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.  All of it happened long before I was born.  The horror of it still echo's more than 50 years later.

As I knelt beside the memorial at the back of that church, tears glistening in my eyes, goosebumps on my arms silently praying that those horrors would never happen again, I hadn't seen the news.

The power of that spot is almost electric.  You feel it through you very soul.

I was focused on paying my respects to four young girls lives ended far too young, in such a violent selfish manner.  I felt drawn there.  So much to see in Birmingham, and that was where i felt drawn to. I wanted to see the beautiful art in the park across the street dedicated to those sweet babies, barely older than my oldest Grand Daughter.

In silent awe Hubs and I wandered the almost deserted intersection.  A few homeless people…


I'm only about 450 miles from my customary perch in my kitchen as I write this.  Hubs is snoozing with the boys so I decided to bring my chrome book out to the "garden" at our hotel and write for a bit.

I've been a bit quiet this week, trying not to give away the secret trip we made yesterday morning.  I know his Sis might occasionally peek at my blog and didn't want to slip up. Several times over the past year he's brought up the thought to travel down here to Alabama.  It's been a rough year for me to travel, but I have offered to let him use my car or to fly.  Each time he's opted out.  He doesn't do well with leaving me to travel anywhere.

A few weeks ago, he asked if I was working this weekend.  I wasn't sure, anymore I have to look at my calendar for everything, but promised to look as soon as I got back to my office. He'd finally decided it was time.  He was ready to go to Alabama, with or without me.

It was a surprise trip to see…