Wednesday, November 1, 2017


What an incredible rush!

I know it might sound silly, but I love to challenge myself, often in the strangest ways. Got home a bit earlier than usual tonight, so after walking the boys we decided to fix the fridge.  Thank you Amazon Prime for rushing it to the door!  Last night was too hectic to even consider it.

Hubs is trying to fight a cold and I wasn't too worried about it, the cork was working just fine. I was more worried about making soup for dinner.  Today has been just way too cold and gloomy, the kind of day that needs a piping hot bowl of rich creamy potato soup.

But... Hubs was willing to hold the flash light and screws as I disassembled everything. And possibly a bit anxious to get it done, removing the cork each time was proving a bit challenging when getting a glass of ice.

Note to selves, a full fridge and freezer are a bit harder to move than when it was first installed but hey safety first, had to unplug that bad boy.  I have worked on a few things without unplugging them, feeling like superwoman... let's just say that does not often end well...

I'd watched the video, I'm pretty clever with things like that, so... I mean it was already broken, worst case scenario, we'd have to spend the extra dollars for an educated repair person.

Thirty minutes later, we were sliding it back in place fully functional.

So yeah, I am feeling very accomplished.

It's those little victories.

I thought today was simply going to be filled in a longing for Germany, as it is a perfect German day.  Heavy clouds, threatening rain, or snow flurries if the temperature would just drop a bit.  The trees are becoming more and more barren as each day goes by.  And it seemed that almost everyone took a holiday after the holiday. I was also struggling with the let down that comes after completing a project - as I'd finally finished and delivered one of the quilts.

And frankly I was still a bit put out with Starbucks - it is November 1, Halloween candy still litters streets, and the coffee I purchased (because I'd forgotten mine on the way out the door) was served to me in a CHRISTMAS cup!?!?

The gloom this morning had me out of sorts.  I was homesick.  I was also feeling a touch under the weather.  Hubs even bought me beautiful orange roses (my favorites) to cheer me (they did).  Yet I was still feeling a tad down...

Now I'm sitting in my kitchen savoring the smell of my potato soup as it simmers gently on the stove, simply enjoying my minor accomplishment.  And feeling a bit like I have just achieved something major!

but then I'm funny that way...

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