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a total eclipse

Leaving dinner with a friend last night we were watching the sky light up with brilliant colors. Flashing through the soft layers of clouds on the horizon.  It was still warm and the humidity was a bit higher than it's been.  Not really a sign of a coming storm.  If anything, it looked like heat lightening. No distant rumble of thunder, just brilliant flashes of multicolored lights.

It seemed like the perfect end to a perfect day. As if the sky above us was taking a final bow, just before the curtain closed on an award winning show. 

Hubs and I had the most wonderful day!  We'd opted out of the traffic and chaos.  We had decided that we simply wanted to enjoy the wonder on our own.  We'd invited our girl, but she was concerned that it could harm our sweet youngest grand and stayed at home. 
With our chairs aligned, fans arranged to keep us cool and our approved glasses at the ready, we got comfy for the next few hours of the greatest show on earth.  
No where to go, nothing…

Soon it will go dark...

The sunrise this morning is so "normal". Hard to believe that in a few short hours there will be a total eclipse. Something so extraordinary. It hasn't happened in Missouri in August 1, 1869. Luckily we won't have to wait that long for the next.  It's going to be on April 8, 2024, a mere 7 years.

Hubs and I took the day off.  For people that are fascinated with the heavens and pretty much the glory of all things in nature, well it only seemed "natural".  Our original plans had us heading to Hermann, MO to enjoy the view on the side of a hill in a vineyard, with a few thousand of our closest friends.

We have our blankets ready, extra wine, snacks to pack and wait a minute... did we really see 30 mile long traffic in Oregon.  What is with all of these RV's we've been spotting around town?

Plan change.  Back to the store to pick up different lunch food.  A bottle of single barrel.  And sky check from the back deck.

Yep, we are going to be sitting…

I'm tired....

It was a beautiful morning, somehow Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it is mid-August in the Mid-West.  The sheer fact that it is 75 and breezy in August is simply amazing! I was sitting outside trying to enjoy it, but those darn annual cicada's are making the noise level too much for me.

I'd love to be out on the motorcycle with hubs, savoring this wonderful day.  Unfortunately, our weekend didn't quite pan out as planned.

I worked yesterday, overseeing an overflowing class of eager instructors perfecting their skills on our QueenAx system.  I was expecting to participate due to low numbers.  But as more and more showed up, I willingly gave up my spot on the super functional.  For me it was a basic understanding and work out, for them, it was a chance to hone their skills and help them to really rock that program.  No brainer!

Today, the dedicated Hubs, is helping one of his maintenance technicians that is shy on staff change out every light in his gym and pool…