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On the deck in these early hours I am enjoying the coolness.  It's so refreshing after the heat we've been experiencing.  I know it will return as soon as the sun fully rises.  But for now, I am enjoying the birds chirping, the squirrels running helter skelter through the tree tops, the soft whisper of the leaves as a very gentle breeze moves through. In the distance I heard the chickens waking up from their slumber, wanting breakfast I'm sure. I am enjoying a moment of solitude.

It's been a brutal few weeks.  Maybe I had too much fun on vacation.  Not sure. Karmic balance or something like that.  Professional and personal have been teetering on the point of almost too unbearable. The heat has only punctuated the distress that I've been feeling. 
Bless Hub's heart, he sure has done all in his power to make sure I don't implode.  Each weekend we have had adventures, riding for hours.  Laughing, talking and simply enjoying each other and our travels.  Short tr…

would you like some wine with that?

I have to wonder what it says about my week... I'm eating a bowl of Doritos with the remainder of my fabulous German wine from Hermann, at 8:40 at night.  Why?  Because I have no energy or desire to do anything else.

Thought about ordering a pizza hours ago.

The drama and torture of trying to change all of my financial commitments, has worn me out!

My "new" bank... The one that came into my existence at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon, this Friday afternoon! Suddenly nothing I have works anymore.  Our bank was bought out.  I get it.  I've received bits and pieces over the past few days.  Nothing switched until today though. Suddenly, years of having a bank I loved vanished.  The staff at our bank assured us this was an incredible change for us. I'm trying to trust they aren't lying.  The act of totally switching would be overwhelmingly complicated.

And of course my car payment coincides with the whole change.  But seems they don't answer their phones and thei…

finding the road less traveled...

Hard to believe it's been over a week since I left LA.  Since looking down from 30,000 feet, knowing that somewhere down below me my youngest was happily going about his life, feeling a bit lost and disconnected. They grow up, they move on, and at some point you learn to accept those tiny snippets of time for the treasure that they are.

I've been home almost 10 days, I jumped back into insanity straight off the bat.  Long days of catch up, attending training, and dealing with so many things.  It's been stressful, sleep stealing and down right nerve racking.

Yesterday was all mine and Hubs.  Today was the same.  Wind in our face, sun shining down on us.  We've squeezed a few odd jobs in and yes we both know there are so many at home jobs needing done.  And no, we are fairly positive they will not all get done this weekend.

It's okay.

This morning I was sitting there surrounded by "my garden" if you can call it that, googling different things that could be …