finding the road less traveled...

Hard to believe it's been over a week since I left LA.  Since looking down from 30,000 feet, knowing that somewhere down below me my youngest was happily going about his life, feeling a bit lost and disconnected. They grow up, they move on, and at some point you learn to accept those tiny snippets of time for the treasure that they are.

I've been home almost 10 days, I jumped back into insanity straight off the bat.  Long days of catch up, attending training, and dealing with so many things.  It's been stressful, sleep stealing and down right nerve racking.

Yesterday was all mine and Hubs.  Today was the same.  Wind in our face, sun shining down on us.  We've squeezed a few odd jobs in and yes we both know there are so many at home jobs needing done.  And no, we are fairly positive they will not all get done this weekend.

It's okay.

This morning I was sitting there surrounded by "my garden" if you can call it that, googling different things that could be wrong since my zucchini and cucumbers are not setting fruit.  Watching the clouds starting to roll in, I was worried we might not get our whole ride in.  Or if we did, it might have a soggy end.

No calls, no demands on our time, just whatever we want to do.  That is how we spent an entire weekend.

Sitting there enjoying a cup of coffee, listing to Hub's music - he simply cannot enjoy the silence that is nature. We are very different in that. I'm okay with it.  There is plenty of time for me to find beauty in the silence.  He didn't have music all day, I don't like it on the bike.  Too much stimulation for this girl.

We decided to run an errand for a friend yesterday, like we seriously need an excuse to take a long ride down into southeast Missouri.  And Trout Lodge is beautiful regardless of the time of year.  A blistery hot summer day was no exception.  I love that feature on Google maps that lets you avoid highways, etc.   We found beautiful winding two lane black top roads, the kind where the local farmer parks his equipment while going in to have lunch. Not on the side of the road, on the road, and it's all good.   We were probably the only folks past there all day.

As we followed those curvy winding roads and Hubs was concentrating I had the opportunity to simply disappear into thought.  Into daydreams and happy places.

It's so healing, spending time with my best friend.  Picnic lunches, miles and miles of black top slipping by under our tires as we found back roads and much needed peace. Yesterday found us down south, enjoying areas where we used to play, prior to getting our last Harley.  When we still had our property down there.  Zipping past we didn't feel the need to travel down the road that would take us past Woodland Lakes, I guess neither of us truly missed it.

A picnic lunch in Sullivan, with treats from Fricks.  Our favorite grocery/deli in Sullivan.  It hasn't changed a bit.

The evening was spent doing a few chores, not as many as we should have gotten done, but mentally... wow!

We headed north east this morning, both of us craving a trip along the river road. A bit of time spent buzzing through Pere Marquette Park provided us both with a respite from the heat.  There was supposed to be a storm rolling in, seems to have missed us.

A ride across the Mississippi and we were riding along the beautiful roads in Calhoon county.  We stopped at a local farmers stand, just for a few minutes to stretch and browse.  Ended up buying several homemade jams and jellies.  Hubs and I are both huge supporters of local businesses.

The roads there are smooth and winding. The barn quilts are in abundance.  We love rolling hills, the fields of wheat and corn.  It's some of the prettiest country I have ever seen.  And the temperature there is a bit more mild.  Probably because it is so surrounded by raging rivers.

We needed a rest after all those miles and decided to stop at the Grafton Winery.  What an absolute delightful break in our travels.  An iced bottle of wine, incredible anti-pasta plate, and live music.  That was an incredibly talented young man.  The whole place was dancing and singing along.  We will definitely be heading back there!

Unfortunately, the day wound down and it was time to come home.  Laundry was waiting for attention, groceries needed bought and the house needed love.  After all, tomorrow is Monday, the real world will be drawing us back into it's grasp.

I needed this weekend.  Time with my "BFF", a long chat with my girl and a long chat with one of my "b's"... Hours of wrapping my arms around my hubs, enjoying the sunshine and the beauty that is found down the roads less taken.  A weekend of laughter and love.

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