On the deck in these early hours I am enjoying the coolness.  It's so refreshing after the heat we've been experiencing.  I know it will return as soon as the sun fully rises.  But for now, I am enjoying the birds chirping, the squirrels running helter skelter through the tree tops, the soft whisper of the leaves as a very gentle breeze moves through. In the distance I heard the chickens waking up from their slumber, wanting breakfast I'm sure. I am enjoying a moment of solitude.

It's been a brutal few weeks.  Maybe I had too much fun on vacation.  Not sure. Karmic balance or something like that.  Professional and personal have been teetering on the point of almost too unbearable. The heat has only punctuated the distress that I've been feeling. 

Bless Hub's heart, he sure has done all in his power to make sure I don't implode.  Each weekend we have had adventures, riding for hours.  Laughing, talking and simply enjoying each other and our travels.  Short trips, long trips, dashes in and about town.  Lunches on waterfronts, winding back roads.  Picnics in Mark Twain's backyard.  New places, old places, silence and noise.  

So much hasn't gotten done, which stresses me a bit more.  But the things that have been done have made me feel light and carefree.  I've needed that. 

A few almost breakdowns. A few tears.  Lots of prayers and laying things at God's feet.  

Neighbors that are inconsiderate.  Jerks that hurt people I love.  Insurmountable deadlines. It's been high stress. I am tired of being called a racist every time what I am saying to someone is disagreeable to them. 

And now there is a jerk in the neighborhood that is making non-stop noise.  At first I thought it was a hammer, but I am not sure anyone without a dozen arms could hit something that many times.  It non-stop and loud.  A beating, almost pounding noise.  It is giving me one heck of a headache.  I wish whoever it is would simply stop.  Respect that it is only 8:30 on a summer morning.  

I gotta say I am so over jerks lately.  People that simply cannot be kind, considerate, compassionate. People that seem to live in their own personal bubble, feeling like they are the only ones entitled to exist, the only ones that have a "right" to happiness. 

I'm tired. 

I know I am not the only person that feels this way.  It's just that we were raised to consider others feelings before speaking our own thoughts.  

I am worried about people that I love.  So many are going through so much right now.  I would give anything to have a magic wand.  The kind that could make those jerks that cause the hurt and pain go away. My wand from Olivanders simply isn't doing the trick. 

Well... the racket in the woods is driving me to distraction and now another neighbor is mowing.  I am going to head inside and leave my little paradise. 

Just gonna leave it here... 

No one is more important than anyone else, and your words thoughts, and actions should always reflect a kind, caring  and loving manner to everyone and everything around you.  

Just my thoughts...

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