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Sanity Sunday!

Sitting here staring at my coffee and wondering if I am brave enough to drink it is not a great way to start a Monday or end a great Sunday.  Steak n Shake is the devil! After almost seven hours out on the bike soaking up the sunshine, I was really not excited about going home and cooking.  I honestly wasn't really hungry and was enjoying simply being mellow and relaxed.  Despite what my girl posted on Facebook, one beer in seven hours is not going to lead to drunk texting. But it does lead to a relaxed, refreshed happy momma.

Hubby definitely knows how to make me smile!  It was a bit chilly as we headed out yesterday, but nothing leather can't handle.  We started off in the direction of Breese, I could so live in that little town, I enjoy it.  I could not enjoy a commute to work from there though, so I will just enjoy it in snippets. Our first destination of the day was Wally's, we were hoping to join a former co-worker of mine that lives out there.

Maybe next time.  She …

Is it time yet?

It is really only 10:45 am? It feels like it is taking forever for the afternoon to arrive. The sun is out, it's warming slowly and there is a spring time motorcycle ride in my foreseeable future. Like an hour or so.  The waiting is killing me. 

On the plus side most of my chores are done.  I am taking a small break from ironing.  I am not a fan and it seems that every outfit Hubby has needs ironed today.  Although my goal is to get it all done today.  It is appearing that my schedule for the foreseeable future is averaging about 55 hours a week, and honestly squeezing in any sort of domestic stuff around that has gotten way to difficult.

I didn't get everything on my list done yesterday, I actually ended up not feeling well and stopping everything for a couple of hours.  I hate when it comes down to my body to slow me down.  You would think I would be intelligent enough to manage that one on my own wouldn't you?

So after slowing down for a few hours, I finally finished up…

earthquakes, locked up soap... world gone mad!

Note to self... do not pick up your cell phone to check on your kids when you wake up at 4:30 am... You will not get back to sleep... they are grown, you need sleep... not...

I am a worry wart where they are concerned.  I know I shouldn't be, they are amazing and well prepared to take care of themselves.  The thing that disturbed me and stopped me from sleeping any longer was not something that could have been prevented, not something my lack of sleep would affect in any form.  But dang!

No mom wants to wake up to a breaking news report that there was a significant earthquake within 50 miles of your child.  You just don't want to hear, see or read that.  Now... awake and coherent, I am sure that if it had been something to stall my heart, I would have heard from said child last night.  Chances are, he didn't hardly notice.  We really didn't notice the slightly smaller one that occurred when I was there.  Heard water falling from a knocked over container, but didn'…

Why are you such a bully?

Oh Monday... why did you feel the need to intrude on my weekend?  You are such a bully sometimes!

It's hard for Monday to arrive when your weekend has been awesome, it's so abrupt.  Bullying it's way in and pushing Sunday out of the way. Hubby and I had such a great weekend.  I am simply not ready to crawl out of this wonderful family based cocoon and move back into a world that includes so many people.

Almost a week on the west coast with my son and then this wonderful weekend that included my girls, well following that up simply feels harsh.

Hubby bought me a sign for the wall over my desk, it reads "never get too busy making a living that you forget to have a life".  I think I have been very guilty of that for a long time.  Slowing down these almost two weeks has given me time to think.  Time to process.

For a long time I have known that "no" is not a standard word in my vocabulary.  To the detriment of me and having a life worth living.  I actually h…

Date weekend...

Ahhh... Sitting with my feet up, leaning back in my big comfy chair... trying to find my energy...

It's been a busy weekend.  In a very good way!

Yesterday when I hit publish, I realized I had just written the 300th post,  unbelievable.  I guess if I had paid any attention, I would have celebrated it yesterday.  I didn't.  And it seems kind of anti-climatic to do so today.  Today starts, the next journey to a milestone.  Why look backwards?

Hubby and I have been running errands, taking care of so many little things that often get shuffled aside. And somehow turning it all into a weekend long date.  That is one of the things that I love so much about him.  He makes me feel special, even when we do the silliest most mundane things.

It all started with a need for breakfast and nothing in the house to make it with, so instead of starting soap we went in search of breakfast.  Tomato juice, yogurt, poached eggs, bacon, and a sweet handsome man, the day was off to a good start.  Whil…

What to do with an early spring weekend...

It's soap making day!  I have needed to get this done and with the craziness that has been this year, well it simply has not happened. And now I have orders with no soap, this is not a happy thing.  In just a few minutes I will bring all the supplies upstairs, start lining boxes, heating up the crock pots and get ready to get started.

I love making soap, the fragrance and the changes as it goes from a collection of oils into the finished bar of soap fascinates me.  And I love the finished product.  It's been years since I have bought a bar of commercial soap.  Literally, years. I rarely even use a commercial soap, the chemical's dry my skin so badly.  I truly cannot stand the feeling.  I have even been known to carry a bar of my soap in a zip lock baggie to avoid having to use commercial, chemical laden soaps.

Hubby isn't as in love with it, not because he doesn't like it.  In fact if I could finally manage to get the same amount of "bubbles and lather" t…

You have now entered a dimension of...

I am not really sure what time zone I am living in, but it's a weird one. Not tired at night, my brain is still on California time... and then awake at four in the morning, what is going on?

It's amazing how quickly that glow from a wonderful vacation drifts away.  Hubby was so wonderful!  I forgot to take a picture of my roses, I will have to do that today. But it was so nice to come home to my teddy bear hug! A quick lunch at our favorite diner and then back to work.  He had a beautiful bouquet of roses sitting on my desk for me.  I think he might have missed me.

He was a busy guy while I was gone, I am fairly sure that bachelorhood is not something my once "I will never get married again" hubby is ever going to be made for again.  The house was cleaned, the dogs were bathed, dinner was waiting, an ice cold Erdinger was waiting, he replaced my broken down dryer, and even bought a Roku for the bedroom television so I could watch my shows in the evening.  It felt lik…

peace, quiet and bird songs...

I will miss these quiet mornings.  I am sitting outside on the patio, listening to the birds.  There is one in particular that I have grown quite fond of.  I don't know what it is, I can't see it out of the windows or from the patio.  It is a hauntingly beautiful call, loud, but not shrill.  It seems to only call in the wee hours of morning, before the sun has agreed to wake up. It echos through the garden outside the apartment, soft, deep, with a beautiful melody.  That alone could convince me this is a great place to be.  As the sun breaks over the horizon and the smaller birds start singing, it stops, the void left is so noticeable.

I probably won't hear it tomorrow, as by that time of the day we will be at the airport, not sitting outside sipping tea and listening to bird songs.

It's odd, the sheer number of people here yet it is so much greater than where I live.  I have no idea how many live in this apartment complex alone, and yet it is so quiet, so peaceful an…

Playing in the Sun in So Cal

The sun has been up for a few hours, it's so peaceful here.  I am sitting in the dark, listening to the soft breathing of my grand baby.  She's a bit worn out from the past couple of days.  Today we will take it down a bit and just relax.  Run a few errands, do some laundry, enjoy the day. There might even be some wave chasing, shell gathering going on. We only have a few more days here.

Long Beach was amazing!  Now I can understand why people move here.  The breeze off the ocean made for a delightful contrast to the warmth of the day.  In fact when we were out on the boat I was so thankful that we'd all brought jackets and that baby girl was wearing long pants.

First stop was Aquarium of the Pacific.  Wow, that is all there is... the wow factor was so high it was unbelievable.  We were able to pet moon jelly fish, bamboo sharks, sting rays, anemones, sea urchins, star fish and so much more.  It was lively, beautiful and educational.

Bixby the Harbor Seal Pup was so engagi…