Date weekend...

Ahhh... Sitting with my feet up, leaning back in my big comfy chair... trying to find my energy...

It's been a busy weekend.  In a very good way!

Yesterday when I hit publish, I realized I had just written the 300th post,  unbelievable.  I guess if I had paid any attention, I would have celebrated it yesterday.  I didn't.  And it seems kind of anti-climatic to do so today.  Today starts, the next journey to a milestone.  Why look backwards?

Hubby and I have been running errands, taking care of so many little things that often get shuffled aside. And somehow turning it all into a weekend long date.  That is one of the things that I love so much about him.  He makes me feel special, even when we do the silliest most mundane things.

It all started with a need for breakfast and nothing in the house to make it with, so instead of starting soap we went in search of breakfast.  Tomato juice, yogurt, poached eggs, bacon, and a sweet handsome man, the day was off to a good start.  While eating breakfast I mention that I needed to find some lavender buds for soap.  I love the buds in my lavender soap, and hadn't realized I had used them all on the last batch. Thus began the quest.  I had looked online for stores in the area that carried lavender, no luck.  Hubby suggested World Market... I love that store, but it is definitely dangerous for me, okay for both of us.

I can find so much of the stuff that I love from growing up in Europe.  I found exactly what I was in search of, and was ready to head to the house to get busy making batches of soap, I really truly was focused.

Hubby was too, unfortunately not on the same thing I was focused on.  Hubby was on a mission.

Next stop, after all it was on the way home, Harley shop... We had a broken clip on the windshield and wanted to order a new part. Nothing moves very fast in there, but luckily I had my knitting and they have a nice comfy chair to sit in.  I did not mind if he shopped and talked motorcycles for a bit, I was entertained.  Quick run home, to get the Harley, they had an opening for an oil change, and we were off again.

Evidently the coffee maker has been rapidly dying, I don't make coffee... years ago I told Hubby it was his job, it even said so in the Bible... Hebrews... I was simply playing, but he seemed to have taken it to heart. He needed a new coffee pot.  Good and bad... The best place to buy it, Bed, Bath and Beyond, is another one of those stores that we should really not go into.  But we did.

That darn place seems to know when I have a few spare dollars to spend, and they make sure to stock the items that intrigue me the most.  Years ago Hubby bought me a KitchenAid mixer, it is one of my favorite toys.  I love to cook and make the food we eat from scratch as much as possible.

I have had the first pasta maker for years, nothing is as yummy as fresh pasta, Grand baby and I have spent many visits making our own pasta.  I know my pasta does not have chemicals or preservatives in it.  Yesterday as fate would have it, the new pasta press was out.  No longer are we limited to flat noodles, the sky is the limit.  In fact, I am getting ready to make a batch with dinner tonight.  Fresh pasta, honey lime scallops and a nice salad (found my favorite German dressing mix at World Market yesterday!), yum, yum...

We also gave in and bought the ice cream maker, we've talked about it for years, but I always drag my feet.  I hate to spend money.  The only thing that makes it easier for me is my growing dislike of not being able to pronounce half the ingredients in my food.  Each time I encounter it, the more frustrated I get. Sorbet, should not have an ingredient list that is longer than 4 ingredients, ever... actually only 3 if you are doing a single flavor.  I am getting ready to start a batch of strawberry sorbet, lets see strawberries, water and a simple syrup.  That I can understand.

I was starting to get quite concerned that I was not going to get my soaps made, my stress level was mounting, the date day was starting to feel like a hostage situation!

Hubby then suggested we take our groceries and toys home so I could start my soap.  Whew... that was close!  Pull up at the house, start emptying the car, get set up to start the oils melting when Hubby comes in  to let me know they Harley was done.  Seriously?

Oh well, another quick dash up to the Harley shop, then home to make soap.

Rapidly the house is filled with the scents, my stress has completely fled, all is right with the world! I was ready to simply spend the day sipping my hefewiese and playing with my soaps, all was right in my world.

Then Hubby reminded me that it was his friend's birthday... hmmmm... I hate difficult decisions, yeah, I know it was the "right" thing to go, but I was enjoying playing.  And honestly, I did not want to drive 45 minutes to the other side of the city to go to a noisy bar to hang out with strangers.  Yes, I am anti-social, problem?  None in my world.  But I am a nice wife, or I try to be...

It wasn't terrible, okay that is a lie, it was so loud there was no ability to have a conversation, I do not care for that particular location, and I do not consider Bud to be beer.  Ice tea, fake conversations and a headache later we at least saved the night by going to see Daughter and Grand Daughter, since we were on their side of the city, on the way home.

Today... it was another date day... hubby was on a mission yet again.  After researching pasta recipes, almost all recipes suggested that sifting the flour makes a better noodle..  We didn't have one.  Evidently, most "normal" people now, do not either, and buying one was a serious exercise in determination.   Four stores later, one was found, the looks of surprise on peoples faces that we actually wanted to buy one was absolutely priceless.

We wandered, laughed, enjoyed each other as we went through our chore list, discovered several new favorite stores and lived life.  I still have another batch of soap to make, bills to pay, a house to tidy back up.  We got our motorcycle ready for next weekend, I got several inches on the sock I am working on, four batches of soap made, and still found time to sit down, kick back and love on my boys.

I love my life. I love the fact that my Hubby doesn't think I am a nut, that he finds value in my uniqueness.  I love the silly man that put on a fashion show in the dressing room for me today. The same one that dances the moon walk in the lobby of my Y to make our Grand Baby laugh. I love that instead of being shocked that I know how to make mayonnaise from scratch, he hovers and can't wait for it to be finished for his tuna sandwich when he discovers that he's run out mid-prep.

I hope that all our daughters find husbands like him.  Or partners in life.  I hope that they can laugh at the silliest things and know the person laughing with them is doing just that.  Enjoying life beside them!

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