Peek a boo... we saw you!

The spring sun through the windshield...
We spotted spring yesterday, it was just a bit of a tease, but a welcome one.  Sunshine, light breeze, it even got up to 57 degrees.  OH MY!  Today, they are promising 70!  It is going to be a yummy treat!  The bones are going to love that warmth after this winter. 

And it's driving hubby insane!!  After catching up on chores yesterday and airing out the house. Letting the fresh air inside to combat the dry, musty, pent up feeling of winter, we headed out on the motorcycle.  By 3:30 pm it was just warm and sunny enough to make you need to feel the wind on your face! 70 degrees and it's a Monday.  The horror of it all!  I am surprised he didn't call his boss yesterday and ask to take a vacation day.  He is so relaxed and mentally centered when he is out riding, and to miss the first really warm day of the year inside, I know it will be killing him. 

They say that only motorcyclist can understand why a dog sticks his head out the window, it's true.

Do you see the buds?
I won't be a bit surprised if he hurries through the day, skipping lunch even to get out there and ride.  As it is already 40 out, maybe we will even ride in, we'll see.  I have to be at work until 7:30 pm tonight, so I could see him leaving for those few hours of sunshine and enjoying the evening.  Even though I want to be upset at him, let that little green eyed devil jealousy sneak in, I can't.  Because I would want to be outside soaking up that sunshine too.  My day will come.

It's tough to go in today for me also.  The warm weather in calling to me to tear into the garden, to dig up those beds and plant the early seeds.  Sweet peas, carrots, radishes, crisp lettuces...  All the delicious start of the year vegetables.  The ones that promise even better things to come. 

Even though I am battling this stupid cold still, I can imagine the smell of the earth, almost feel it on my fingers.  I love that rich, musky smell of fresh turned soil.  The feel of it, right now it is a bit too soggy to be very enjoyable, but it is getting there. 

Yesterday I had the urge to plant some flower bulbs, I would love to sprinkle my yard with crocus, just like everything is back in Germany.  I always loved watching those bright little sprouts with their beautiful Easter egg colored buds pushing their way up through snow and mud to cheer spring on.  I have planted them a couple of times, and I am fairly certain the little bugger squirrels have eaten the bulbs.  One year I had three, then never again.  The same thing happened with my daffodils. 

Handsome Hubby...
I didn't plant any.  That motorcycle ride was far more necessary.  Besides, it's supposed to snow again on Wednesday. No need to get too hasty... Old man winter is not quite ready to loosen his hold on the mid-west.

Today is for dreaming of sunshine and spring, today, I will take a walk outside at lunch time.  Maybe even take a bit of a longer lunch.  I might not be a fan of the heat, I will never be it's biggest cheerleader, but nothing beats the feeling of the early spring sunshine and warmth, nothing makes you feel quite so alive, renewed and refreshed!

My sweet buddy can't wait for spring either

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