Is it time yet?

It is really only 10:45 am? It feels like it is taking forever for the afternoon to arrive. The sun is out, it's warming slowly and there is a spring time motorcycle ride in my foreseeable future. Like an hour or so.  The waiting is killing me. 

On the plus side most of my chores are done.  I am taking a small break from ironing.  I am not a fan and it seems that every outfit Hubby has needs ironed today.  Although my goal is to get it all done today.  It is appearing that my schedule for the foreseeable future is averaging about 55 hours a week, and honestly squeezing in any sort of domestic stuff around that has gotten way to difficult.

I didn't get everything on my list done yesterday, I actually ended up not feeling well and stopping everything for a couple of hours.  I hate when it comes down to my body to slow me down.  You would think I would be intelligent enough to manage that one on my own wouldn't you?

Strawberries ready to add
Churning up the most yummy vanilla ice cream
So after slowing down for a few hours, I finally finished up the ice cream and helped Hubby trim our boy Gator's nails.  Gator has nails that grow crazy fast, women would kill for nails like those.  Well, he moved as Hubby snipped and massive chaos entailed. Cutting the quick resulted in lots of blood from the pup's paw, Hubby's blood pressure going through the roof and Mom ending up with a very cramped body from holding on to those seventy pounds for almost an hour while he was treated and making him rest.

Don't believe it... I am needing many more treats to be ok...
Gator is just fine, although he might milk the need for treats a bit longer, he's like that.  And Hubby doesn't look nearly so stressed now.  Poor guy!  He would never willingly hurt anyone or anything.  So he was pretty devastated.  Gator insisted on sleeping firmly between us all night, he is all about going for the sympathy vote if it gets him what he wants.

This afternoon will be what I really need, I am ready for spring, and really feeling so badly for my family up north.  I know they are used to snow, but I have a feeling even they are ready for a bit of green to pop into their world. I am going in search of buds and sunshine today. 

I am trying so hard for a balance, I am struggling with it.  I keep looking for what else I can delete from life to make it more manageable.  I don't want to delete the stuff I love, sure buying soap and pre-made food is simpler, but it doesn't meet the minimum requirement for me to be happy.  I am not sure how to do it.  But I am figuring this is a good place to start.

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