What to do with an early spring weekend...

It's soap making day!  I have needed to get this done and with the craziness that has been this year, well it simply has not happened. And now I have orders with no soap, this is not a happy thing.  In just a few minutes I will bring all the supplies upstairs, start lining boxes, heating up the crock pots and get ready to get started.

I love making soap, the fragrance and the changes as it goes from a collection of oils into the finished bar of soap fascinates me.  And I love the finished product.  It's been years since I have bought a bar of commercial soap.  Literally, years. I rarely even use a commercial soap, the chemical's dry my skin so badly.  I truly cannot stand the feeling.  I have even been known to carry a bar of my soap in a zip lock baggie to avoid having to use commercial, chemical laden soaps.

Hubby isn't as in love with it, not because he doesn't like it.  In fact if I could finally manage to get the same amount of "bubbles and lather" that he gets from the chemical concoctions, I am fairly positive that I could convert him completely.  He was raised to believe that soap must have lots of lather and bubbles to be effective.  No matter what arguments I give him he simply can't believe otherwise.

Me on the other hand, I could not care less about bubbles.  I care about how my skin likes it.  And with skin as sensitive as mine is to chemicals, I simply could not imagine it any other way.

So soap's will be made... after that, a bit of bill paying and then I am trying to decide what to move on to next.  As I was eating some mozzarella sticks with my grand baby, I remembered that  I had bought a kit to try my hand at making my own, I'd been wanting to do it with her, but she is rarely here.  Maybe I will sweet talk hubby into helping me?

I had thought about starting to prepare my garden beds, but sadly, I think that would be stupid, as snow is predicted yet again this week.  Even snow peas aren't real fond of starting life in a frozen state. Soon it will be time to put in those yummy delicate spring veggies lettuce, spinach, radishes, peas, maybe even try to get some early kale started, but I just don't think the weather is quiet ready to cooperate.  Someone did not show mother nature the calendar that says "spring has arrived".

Last years early beds

I know I need to clean the turtle aquarium and the lizard's aquarium is looking bad also, he could use some fresh sand.

Then of course I will need some knitting time.  I am still on a quest to knit daily.

But above all, depending on how warm it gets, we will need some motorcycle time! That might have to wait until next weekend when it is supposed to be in the 70's.  But it is coming.  Yesterday would have been a good day, but being in the mid-west you simply never know.  We never did get the rain they were predicting, but sure enough if we had ridden we would have. It's all good.  Hubby needs to go up to the Harley shop today and order a clamp for the windshield and get new lenses for the lights.  And maybe it will be warm enough to give her a bath, she is showing the miles we've put on her this winter, without a garage it's been too cold to give her a good cleaning.

putato, putato, putato

Maybe hubby and I will even go get some grass seed.  Seems the trees in the back yard, have created a very hostile environment to grass, need some serious shade blend, before I am forced to resort to something as radical as plowing all the grass under and planting hundreds of shade loving plants. And I can't do that... my swings are in the shaded areas and I enjoy sitting out there with my boys too much!  All the areas that get sun are dedicated to my gardens, and this year my green house.

Hmmm.... looks like without thinking about it I have managed to insure very little time to sit back and relax this weekend.  Well, that's probably good.  I don't relax well.  Sitting still is simply not a good thing for me, I really don't understand how some people can sit ideally for hours, I just don't grasp it.  Even watching a show my hands need to be busy. Is that a sign of a sick mind?  One does wonder!

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