In like a LION!

Blech!  Yep that describes it... Tiny balls of ice rained down for hours today, it's simply slickery, like a giant serving of Dippin' Dots has fallen all over.  There is a possibility that snow will fall over the whole mess.  That seems like it would be a bigger mess, we'll see,

Although the weather forecast says that it's a whopping 14 degrees and supposedly raining. Did I fail science class?  I was pretty sure that water turned to ice at 32 degrees?  I have a feeling we have all been lied to for years.

I am starting to hear cars driving up and down the road, seemed everyone stayed home for most of the day.  Now if it misses us, I assure you I am not going to be crying.  I am also not ungrateful for the fact that they closed us today.  It's my weekend to work and I have a very nasty cold and sore throat, I am not sure I could have handled working today, especially since I spent the vast majority of it sound asleep.

I truly did have other plans for the weekend.  Things I had planned to do around work and church.  Shoot, new church might be thinking that we decided to never come back.  Wasn't feeling good last week, so didn't go.  Today, I was fairly sure no one wanted to be anywhere near me, heck I don't want to be near me.

Sipping hot tea, taking DayQuil like a mad woman and wishing they still made Theraflu. I miss it.  Several folks have talked me into trying EmergenC... It's supposed to make this go away faster, so far all it's done is make my tummy hate life.

Curled up in my jammies in my big comfy chair, I have passed the day catching up on shows and slowly knitting. It's amazing how slow the fingers move when the brain is having a hard time following what you are doing.  And it's a pattern I could do in my sleep.  This poor little sock simply seems to not want to be made.

The color is warm and inviting, I wasn't sure how it was going to look, I rarely knit with a yarn that has that close of a dye spacing.  I was concerned.  The further I get, the more in love I am falling.  It's cozy, a sweet mix of fall colors, with a hint of spring in the greens.  I hope the person that I am making them for will fall as deeply in love as I am.

If I wasn't struggling with my head hurting and this cold beating me up, I would be down in my sewing room. I have got an order to quilt another quilt.  It's a beautiful baby quilt, with lots of butterfly's.  But I am not seeing clearly enough today to be able to quilt.  Maybe later this week.

I have a big pot of "Greek Chicken" made just like my sweet Greek landlady used to make, except my chicken wasn't strolling around a few hours ago. True comfort food.   Hoping the majority of this mess decides to head a different direction (sorry folks). I am tired of this stuff... It's March, I am ready for spring, Mother Nature can take the snow and this stupid cold with it. 

I think it's time to stop whining now and enjoy a warm tasty dinner with my hubby.  Be warm and safe all!

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