Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Balance...

Balance is something I really struggle with.  I always feel like I am somewhere too far left or too far right.  Never a happy middle.  I work too many hours and hate having no time at home, I get wrapped up in the things in my house and have no time outside.  I often struggle with things that should be a no brainer. 

Today, I found balance.  Today I took time to savor time with my daughter. I got to work early and completed a bunch of tasks  and appointments then took a long lunch to enjoy time with her.  We laughed, talked, complained and enjoyed silly conversation.  We talked about ex-husbands, and kids, we plotted the kind of birthday cake she needed (3 pineapple upside down cakes please) for her party this coming weekend. 

She made sure her mommy ate, putting the both the pretzel and cheese in my hands while the finishing touches were done to my hair. 

It was amazing!  It made it so easy to go back to work and stay late.  I had found a way to enjoy both aspects of my life.  I enjoy my career, I love my family, sometimes the two don't join in the middle.  Sometimes there simply is no middle ground.  Today, there was!

After a wonderful couple of hours away from work with her, I felt re-energized.  I felt able to tackle things with a clear head, I really needed that.

I had a serious conversation with my boss this afternoon, something I have been wanting to do.  I don't often step out of my box, unless I feel it is critical, I am the quiet one.  I must have felt it was critical, because not only did I seek her out, I led the conversation. 

We'll see how that unfolds, but it is definitely a big piece of my over all effort to bring things to the center.  To make the world smoother and more well rounded for myself. I am on a mission to do that after all.

Balance... it's definitely an effort, but wow... the pay off... is amazing!