Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh the weather outside is...

Cold yes... Snow event.. NO!
The first "snow" of the season has fallen.  It isn't much... just the faintest dusting by Erie standards. It looks like someone shook a shaker of powder sugar over the yard.  But here in the Mid-west it's brought life to a virtual standstill.  Schools are cancelled everywhere, the military base has let "non-essential" people stay home... and I can still see grass!

I am thinking heaven forbid we had a snow event like they used to have in the 90's. When did we become so wimpy? This isn't really a snow event, in fact, even in the heaviest hit areas it's only about four inches.  I am pretty sure that we can handle it.  You bundle up a bit more, you drive a bit slower and you don't look for a short cut out of life. 

I would hate to be called a non-essential person, if I am important enough employ shouldn't I be important enough if there are two inches of snow? I would worry about my future if that was the case.

I love snow, the more snow the better, I am from Pennsylvania after all.  I just don't understand the need to shut down the world when it falls.  Sure ten inches or better, I get it, especially in this area that doesn't get that kind of snow, but two inches?

In a few minutes I will get ready for work. I will put on wool socks to keep my toes nice and toasty, I will put on my hat and gloves and shovel the little bit of snow and sleet mixture off my front deck - don't want to slide off like I did yesterday. I will concede to wearing a pair of really dark jeans, so that my legs don't get cold if I have to help with the walks once I get there.

It won't slow me down. 

It's quieter now than it was on Thanksgiving evening.  It bothers me that a family holiday get's less people to stay home than a snow day.  Unbelievable.

We might get a bit more... but not enough to stop the world...