Auld Lang Syne

It's about fifteen minutes before my family back east celebrates the beginning of yet another year... We've still got an hour and fifteen to go here in my neck of the woods.  For the first time since I have lived here we don't have to get up early tomorrow.  Both Hubby and I will stay home and enjoy a day off.  One would think we might be celebrating... One would be wrong.

Our kids are off doing what 20 somethings do as an old year fades and a new one full of hope and promise dances in with great excitement!  I never really got into that and it's been a long time since I have seen midnight arrive in my own time zone. I usually celebrate one of the times in Europe and find myself sleeping blissfully through the noise makers, fireworks and excitement outside. 

Hubs has been in bed for a bit and I am curled up on my sofa in my warm jammies watching a minute or two of  New Years Eve in New York.  I have been working on a project for my son, and enjoying the night. 

Soon I will crawl into bed, my phone turned up all the way beside me, just in case one of my kids needs me.  Mom's taxi service will readily be available.  For me it really isn't about the craziness of the night. It is just another night.

Do you have resolutions?  As a general rule I don't.  I pretty much always have the same ones, I wonder if that makes me really lazy and bad at setting and achieving goals, or realistic.

Each year my resolution is to strive to be a better person than the year before. Perfection will never happen.  But if I can be a bit kinder, more empathetic, make more time for loved ones and have more patience with others... Is that really a bad thing?

2013 has been a year of changes, a year of ups and downs.  I have been able to watch my children reach for stars that seemed to be out of reach and find them resting softly in their hands. Hubby and I have made some decisions that seemed difficult at the time, only to realize they were decisions whose time had come. 

As we stand on the edge of 2014, it's with great excitement and anticipation, with a touch of apprehension thrown in for good measure.  So many changes are happening... So many things will never be the same again... I will miss some of the things from 2013, helping my daughter set up her new life, road trips to UCIC to spend a weekend with my son, late night chats with my son, so much that will never return, but has been filed in the memory banks to pull out each year around this time to remember and cherish.

I don't think I will set resolutions again this year...

I think I will stick with my tried and true...

Hubby and I will face the new year arm and arm... bring on the changes we are ready!

I pray that 2014 brings much love and happiness to all of you.  That each of us can find peace, and if we can't find it that we let it begin with ourselves.  I pray that we will come together as American's and once again find our glory and greatness, that we can yet again become a valued part of our global community.  And that our dreams, wishes and of course goals come true! 

Happy New Year!!!

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